Published on Nov 22, 2015
Have you seen the episode? Well! Like it? To me very much. Already he had sensed something, sergeant Simpson smelled and, in fact, that is precisely what I anticipated so many episodes ago, is Nuke, the patriotic (drug addict) went crazy, created by Frank Miller. Killed and set fire to the detective Clemons (remember that? It was created by Rucka and Checchetto on the Punisher and Marvel Now) and now wants to have only the head of Kilgrave. Trish and dad of Kilgrave sought an antidote to stop the qualities of the son, but Kilgrave is fled, then was hit by Jessica, but he has the situation in hand, now he hath both the father and the Hope (that was scarcerata with Kilgrave, so you can make the exchange with Jessica to have her father and torture him), it is cut throat to get Jessica's points, only to kill him. The next diavolacci!

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