Published on Nov 27, 2015
And it also ends this new experience called Jessica Jones. No one (or almost) you could imagine a work so well done on a character not so well known as she was born only in 2001, but the Netflix quality is a certainty. The first part I found to be really wonderful, great ideas and many parts that reminded me so much of the comic. The central body, as almost every show, is always one more prismatic, the characters take shape. The final, tenth bet superlative, but the last two, at times a little weak, but with great moments. But I do not understand how you can kill Kilgrave, delete a character so beautiful and useful for that Universe and I am sorry not to see him again. I'm very sorry. Overall opinion: An excellent product, the Netflix is a guarantee. And is a must see, but it seems to me a series of transition for something that has yet to explode, perhaps in the series of Luke Cage? Or in the Defenders? Then if many people ask me to make the comparison with Daredevil, for me, Daredevil is above ten notches, but that is another story, they are characters in different, parallel, both urban, but they are different genres with different rhythms (for all those who have found a ‘Jessica Jones’ slow). Now the future of Jessica?
We do not know what will happen, if will be confirmed for a second season.
When we could see? Saw that in the program there is the second of Daredevil, the first of Luke Cage and Iron Fist, plus the mega final event on The Defenders. Certainly in the series on Luke, then who knows... EASTER EGG (CITATIONS, PLEADINGS, AND SURPRISES) The beginning is identical to the original cartoon. The dress heroine Jessica Jones, a name art Jewel Luke Cage said ‘Sweet Christmas’ (which we translated into Christopher Columbus) her slogan is also in the comics. Angela Del Toro, recommended by Jessica from the alternative as a detective is the fourth Tigra White created by Bendis and Maleev in Daredevil n. 58 (may 2004). Goldfish, the yacht stolen from Kilgrave is also the name of a crime graphic novel Bendis, the creator of Jessica Jones. Captain America, and those who expected it? Towards the end.... still comics. Sergeant Simpson and his pills, well, I said ten times, is Nuke, the super-patriotic crowds, created by Frank Miller The detective Clemons, is the same as the one created by Rucka and Checchetto ‘the Punisher‘ Marvel Now, remember? Claire is there! And always save all! Sergeant Mahoney, present! And to conclude, well, you wanted to Daredevil, here it is. And to you, as it seemed the first season of Jessica Jones? Do you think there will be a second season? Have you found other easter egg? The next diavolacci!

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