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Published on Feb 12, 2020


On the occasion of his 51 years, old, the star with the undisputed beauty, Jennifer Aniston, has rejoiced in a way of affection and support is really worthy of note. Countless messages of good wishes that she has received, so much so that, not being able to thank everyone properly, Aniston has had to post a story on his profile on Instagram. A white dog, his Dolly, a time and a day: 11:11, 11/2, “Thank you all for the wishes for today.”

Among the many, however, four are the most worthy of note, for those who know and love since the days of Friends, the sitcom that brought her to the limelight and close to the hearts of all. Chris McMillan, a historic and trusted hairstylist, who created the famous hairstyle “The Rachel”, dedicated to post and stories full of love. The two are best friends from far away 94.

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#happybirthday @jenniferaniston 🖤#friends #forever #love

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Already iconic is the post Courteney Cox, Monica Geller of " Friends." The two best friends on the set of Friends 25 years ago, have always been, and still are now. Aniston is even godmother to the daughter of Courteney, the teenager Coco Arquette. The Cox for the occasion is transformed into a mate of Aniston, putting on a wig, honey blonde and eyeglasses. However accompanied the photo with a sweet caption: “For how can trying hard to look like Jennifer Aniston, there will always be only one Jennifer Aniston. Greetings my friend, I love you.”

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Finally, the other two companions set. Lisa Kudrow, who played the blonde and looking a little dazed Phoeby Buffay, uploaded a photo of Jennifer grainy and crooked, and, to the canons of good wishes for the friend, adding a sentence typical of the humor to which we are always accustomed: “Oh no, I have yet to learn to post in the right way!”. Matthew Perry, the misfit Chandler Bing, a few days arrived on the social, has dedicated a post: “happy birthday, Jenny”. The photo shows them very young, on the set of Friends. In reality, the two were the only already “Friends” before you even recite pieces of a life behind the camera.




Always beautiful and keeps getting more beautiful. Happy birthday @jenniferaniston I-love-you. Also, I JUST don't know how to post a picture right.

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Happy birthday, Jenny!!!

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