Jennifer Aniston: Christmas party with Brad Pitt


Published on Dec 17, 2019


The one formed by Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt was undoubtedly one of the most beloved couple in Hollywood. Both beautiful and in the flower of their years, they have always done to talk about them, prior to their agreement, then with the shocking news for the fans of their divorce in 2005, after more than five years of solid relationship. At the time it was Pitt into crisis as a result of the encounter with the beautiful Angelina Jolie, which was to become his wife, on the set of “Mr and Mrs Smith”.

Aniston still surprises by deciding to invite the former to his annual celebration of Christmas. Sources claim that Pitt, who was in the areas of the estate to her, in Bel Air, California, has accepted gladly the invitation, arriving first at 19 and going away among the latter. The relationships between them seem very relaxed and have confirmed to be able to maintain a good relationship of friendship, in which Aniston is the mistress, as it allowed also to her second ex-husband Justin Theroux to stay in a fixed point in his life, two years after their divorce.

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The true reconciliation between the iconic Rachel Green of Friends, and the beautiful and impossible to Brad Pitt it came to pass in 2016, when he decided to stand next to the woman, following the death of the mother of Aniston, Nancy Dow, to her immense pain. Four months later, on the occasion of the divorce between Pitt and Jolie and the defamatory accusations raised by the latter in relation to man, the sweet Jennifer decided to take the parts of his ex and him.

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At the party there were also other celebrities including Tom Hanks, accompanied by his wife, Kate Hudson, Lisa Kudrow, former co-fellow actress who played the awkward Phoebe Buffay in Friends, and the current work colleague Reese Witherspoon, at her side in the launch of the new hit series The Morning Show, production Apple TV.

Thanks to this new series, Aniston has recently won the nomination for a Golden Globe 2020 as a best actress in a series drama. Even Brad Pitt has been nominated this year for the part taken in “Once upon a time... in Hollywood,” Tarantino's. Needless to say, that even if they rule out a possible return of the flame, the eyes of those who have loved and who continue to believe it will be all focused on them during the night so magical. Who knows if between a party and the other, the two can still rediscover the tender.

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