Jennifer Aniston bored in quarantine: fixed the washing machine that runs


Published on May 07, 2020


Jennifer Aniston is bored so much that fixed the washing machine. During the lockdown caused by the pandemic coronavirus, the american actress finds it difficult to stay closed in his villa from us $ 21 million.

Apparently Aniston has touched the point of no return in the boredom from the quarantine. Time goes by to fix the washing machine that spins. Jennifer Ansiton, the protagonist of the sit-com Friends, is pass the self-isolation in his villa in Bel Air: “a humble dwelling” mind-boggling, but apparently has not found a best pastime.

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The actress of The Morning Show, 51 years old, posted it in the stories of the Instagram picture which represents the apotheosis of boredom. A video of herself reflected in the door of the washing machine while watching the clothes turn in a vacuum. As background music he chose Bored In The House of Tyga that fits precisely with a brush.

After spending a bit of time in front of the washing machine, Jennifer Aniston bored post some video of his dog run about in the garden of his mega villa. The dog seems to be far from bored while chasing toys thrown by the lady.

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Jennifer Aniston does not know how to occupy the time. Last week, the actress had posted a version invented in the laserwelded joint, avoid grinding Friends, I'll Be There For You. The song of the Rembrandts had been changed to “I'll Be Here All Day”, translated: I'll be here all day.

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