Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt: secret wedding in Mexico?


Published on Mar 26, 2020


It's now nearly 15 years since Jennifer Aniston divorced Brad Pitt, but no one can forget their love story. Apparently not even their own. Already at the beginning of this year there were rumours on the fact that the two of them had fallen in love again, and it was thought that they would have announced to the public. In fact, during the season of the Awards, Jennifer and Brad have shown some mutual sign of affection: holding hands in the backstage, and is even missing a kiss at the SAG Awards.

Some sources claim that the two love each other deeply and who are ready to show it to the whole world. It seems that the bond between them is growing stronger and stronger. In any case, must not have been easy to be reconciled, and surely there will still be wounds to heal. Especially for Jennifer, who was heart-broken when Brand, in 2005, has gone to actress Angelina Jolie.

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Brad seems to have rekindled relationships with Jennifer only after a difficult divorce with ex-wife Angelina. In fact, the actor was spotted at the birthday party of the Friends star, February 11, in his villa in Los Angeles. Even before the kisses in the backstage at the SAG Awards, some sources claim that the two have had at least 5 appointments secret. Many say that Jennifer has never stopped loving Brad, despite the terrible break of 2005. It took a long time to forgive him, but now that we are reconciled, the water, the two seem happy and in love.

It is the beginning of the year, however, which of the two you no longer hear about. In fact, Brad is only seen along with Alia shawkat's, the star of the series, I present to You my (Arrested Development) in the original language). The two seem to have spent a lot of time together the last month, but apparently it is only a friendship, in fact it is Brad Pitt himself has to declare that the two are not a couple but just good friends. But then with Jennifer? It is assumed that the two are still attending and that you are in love another time.

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Rumour has it that the two want to make everything official with a secret wedding in Cabo, Mexico. Maybe this time I prefer to keep the relationship out of the public eye until it is made official, but it seems that Brad has the desire to settle down and be happy with her, Jen. Apparently the wedding is supposed to be in the process of organization and the parents of Brad, and best friend, Jennifer, Cournety Cox (Monica, Friends), will have an important role on the big day. Some sources claim that the ceremony will be romantic and spiritual with a lot of promises personalized and written by hand.

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