Jenna Dewan, the beach holidays are not finished yet


Published on Sep 03, 2019


Photo: @ Instagram/ Jenna Dewan

Jenna Dewan seems to have stored the stolen goods in the past few days when a woman, after having broken the window of his SUV, the he has stolen a handbag and signed to the value of 3 thousand dollars, and while we returned to bend to our desks, she continues to enjoy the summer holidays.

The actress is currently spending his free time on the beaches of Laguna Beach and on Instagram he wanted to give us a couple of shots of herself in a bikini more toned and sexy than ever.

“If someone's looking for me, I am here to enjoy my vacation until the last minute.” he commented on the social.

Them the to she thought about her partner, Steve Kazee, who has been photographed in a pose very similar to that of Jenna:

“I was trying to copy Jenna Dewan, but I failed miserably.” he commented, ironic on the same social network.

Photo: @ Instagram/ Jenna Dewan and Steve Kazee




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