Jeeg Steel Robot arrives on home video


Published on Jan 25, 2019


Completed the publication of Ufo Robot Grendizer, the offer of home videos of classic robotic and created by the master Go Nagai by Koch Media e Yamato Video continues with Jeeg Steel Robot, whose first DVD box set and Blu-ray (of two planned) is added to the outputs of the 14 March 2019 of which we have already talked a few days ago.

The Blu-ray edition of the series, in addition, will also be available in a single solution that will be available exclusively on Amazon.

Jeeg Steel Robot Volume 1 of 2
6 DVD + booklet shows, episodes 1 – 24 | 3 Blu-ray Disc + booklet explained, episodes 1 – 24

Jeeg Steel Robot – The Complete Series-Exclusive To Amazon
6 Blu-ray Disc + booklet explained, episodes 1 – 46

Guided by the ruthless queen he works, the ancient people of Yamatai re-emerges from the bowels of the earth, willing to expand their control over all human beings. The course of the fight depend on the possession of an old bronze bell was found years before by professor Shiba and “sealed” in the heart of his son, Hiroshi. With this bell, Hiroshi has gained unimaginable powers and can now transform into the invincible Jeeg steel Robot, the giant magnetic which rises to the defense of humanity.

Source: Amazon

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