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Published on May 24, 2019


Yamato Video and Anime Factory have recently created a number of new special editions and a collection of different series of japanese animation, historical, and among these could not miss Jeeg Steel Robot, manga, the history of which is originally created by one who is without a shadow of a doubt one of the most influential authors in the world, or the great Master Go Nagai, who made the genres of mecha and demonic two of his trademarks; with regard to the tables found in the manga, you must thank the work of Tatsuya Yasuda.


Published for the first time as far back as 1975, Jeeg Steel Robot tells the story of Hiroshi Shiba, a guy made a cyborg by his father after an incident in which he was involved and that hides inside his body a bronze bell which once belonged to the ancient people of Yamatai, ruled by the cruel queen he works.

Even if Hiroshi has become invulnerable in this this surgery, his father did not reveal anything for a long time, until the moment in which he reveals that now he is able to transform into the mighty Jeeg, a steel robot able to defeat the powerful and ruthless enemies of humanity.


The animation series of Jeeg Steel Robot consists of only 46 episodes in total, which, however, were divided by this new special edition from the collection in two different cases; in particular, this initial collection includes the first 24 episodes of the series, and is composed of a total of 3 Blu-Ray discs are enclosed, however, in a package that is very appealing and aesthetically pleasing, but definitely not bulky.

Inside the packaging you'll find the in its plastic box containing the 3 discs containing the first 24 episodes of the series and a booklet, all richly illustrated with some scenes from the anime:

With regard to the additional content within the Blu-Ray, these are very scarce, since they include only a few elements such as a completely remastered version of the historic dubbing the original, with subtitles in Italian language will always be faithful to the original and legendary of the opening titles and chiusira of the tv version of Italian.

However, you'll be very pleasantly surprised by the content present in the booklet included in the package, which overcomes, in part, to the almost total lack of extras, particularly in the video format: in the booklet, very very rich, in fact you can find a brief synopsis of every single episode and many drawings preparations and illustrations.


The new edition of Jeeg Steel Robot was made by Toei Animation and distributed for Italy by Anime Factory and Yamato Video. This is a special edition from the collection which is available for the purchase of both Blu-Ray and DVD, contains two different collector box, the second of which is already on the market since last April 4, 2019, the entire series created by Go Nagai and illustrated by Tatsuya Yasuda.

In the first box contains the first 24 episodes of the animation series of 1975, and a booklet richly illustrated; an excellent opportunity to live and relive the adventures of the young Hiroshi Shiba lovers, but also for new fans and for all those who love the genre, mecha, which can't miss out on this collection dedicated to one of the undisputed cornerstones of the genre.

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