Jason Latour: interview with the creator of Spider-Gwen – Lucca Comics & Games 2017


Published on Nov 07, 2017


Jason Latour is a designer, but at the same time, the screenwriter, has given new life to the Marvel Universe, creating a new character which is the Spider Gwen, Gwen Stacy superhero from an alternate universe of Spiderman. He is also a man of the South of the United States, born in North Carolina, close to the topics covered by the Southern Bastards by Jason Aaron, of which it is the designer.

We have had the opportunity to interview him during the Lucca Comics & Games 2017, thanks to the courtesy of Panini Comics, and we started from Jason Aaron, and from the deep South.

You and Aaron are sharing together this year's edition of Lucca, but you have also shared a number of important collaborations. What can you tell us about the relationship between the two of you?

We are people who share the same roots, we come from places like that and we have to work in the comic book world in the same period. I and Jason, we are friends in real life too, our is a very natural relationship that helps us so much during the collaborations. Working together there is all the more easy.

You are the creator of Spider Gwen, how did the idea for this character? Because Gwen Stacy is so important to you?

I grew up with the character of Spiderman is my favorite superhero, and since little, I dreamed of being able to do something within this universe. I simply wanted to create a funny story, something original that would see my point of view. But I never expected the success that has met with Spider-Gwen, has changed my career and made me reach new readers, as well as it did Southern Bastards.

You're both a designer and screenwriter. How are you dealing with in regard to these two different ways to develop your creativity? You see a link between writing and drawing?

For me are two things that are very related to each other. Draw is definitely a longer process, but there are many things in common between drawing and writing: both of you need to meditate on what you're doing, work on yourself to put something of your own that you arouse emotions in those who rapporterà with that creative product. I have to say that Jason Aaron has helped me to mature as a writer, especially when working with Southern Bastards has made me understand many things about writing, was generous.

Who are your biggest inspirations, both as a writer and as a designer?

I have to say that even in this case, I relate many things seemingly different. I like comics, music and tv series, I grew up with the Marvel comics of the ’80s. I can be influenced by the songs of Bruce Springsteen as well as from the drawings of Walt Simonson. But if I were to refer strictly to my influences as a designer I'd say: Walt Simonson, Mike Mignola and Jack Kirby that was very important for me.

With the Marvel you are carrying out an important collaboration. You're very tied to this publishing house and its characters?

Say yes, I grew up with the comics of Marvel, and in the same way as me, are passionate about their character, I want to transmit this passion to other new readers. For this reason I created Spider Gwen, I wish that tree that has generated the fruits of which I fed from a small continues to grow and nourish the fantasies of many new generations.

Having created Spider Gwen you have approached an audience of readers to the world of Marvel comics. This is a period of great attention and the explosion of the female figures in comics, but not only. What is the reason according to you?

I think this is consequential. Very female audience is getting closer to the comics and you're trying to give them character in which to be reflected. We live in a historical moment in which it tries to give importance to the differences, whether of sex, religion, or skin color. We live in a world that is varied and comics as well as all the works of fiction they are trying to reflect this variety.

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