Jason Isaacs confesses that, in the beginning, did not want to be Lucius Malfoy

Published on Oct 19, 2017

Here is the story of how the actor Jason Isaacs has become the face of Lucius Malfoy in the saga of Harry Potter

If you were a successful actor (or not) and you had to play a role in the stable part of a film of the saga Harry Potter, what would you respond?

Today, it is easy to give an answer to this question, after 8 successful movies that have grossed billions of dollars and did know the names of all the actors in every corner of the planet. But twenty years ago, the situation was not the same, and, someone, had almost given up to become one of the villain's most famous film franchise, Warner Bros.

In a recent interview with Digital Spy, Jason Isaacs has in fact revealed that, when presented to the Warner for the audition of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, it had not been for the part of Lucius Malfoy, who we all know. The actor was presented instead to act in the role of Gilderoy Allock, professor bumbling and affable interpreted later by Kenneth Branagh; and had no intention of acting the part of another villain on the big screen.

“I was annoyed when they asked me if I would be interested to read the script for another part. I'd already acted in the role of Captain Hook [Peter Pan 2003], and I didn't want to play another bad for kids!” [...] “Over the weekend, however, all have started to call me: grandchildren, godchildren, parents... they all Have tried to persuadermi to accept the part, but not because they cared about me; they just wanted to visit the set! So I accepted the job (and thank heaven I did).

The rest of the story, we know it all.

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