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Published on Mar 05, 2020


After as many as 30 numbers, perfectly packaged, Jason Aaron has no intention of stopping, and his work on the most Powerful Heroes of the Earth is about to escalate... in his own words!

This week was released in the United States, Avengers #31, the register containing a story centered on Mephisto and Tony Stark. But now Aaron will recover some of the villains in the main of his run on the Avengers to lay the foundations of the new storyline, which will begin from number 32 for the introduction of the bad neighbor, the Moon Knight.

According to the writer, the debut of Moon Knight in the cylinder head will only be the tip of the iceberg of his plans for this full 2020 in the style of the Avengers. The character was also a Avengers in the past, but now will go to the side of evil. What could be the reason? The writer is told, and he talked about his plans for the Avengers in an interview with Newsarama!

So, what is happening in Moon Knight? What new heroes will join the team? There will possibly be a rematch between the X-Men and the Avengers? A good read!

Newsarama: Jason, you've enjoyed a run that long on the Avengers. 31 numbers this week without any sign of slowing down. Now as you can see the Avengers, both as a title and as a team, from when you started writing this series?

Jason Aaron: This is a very good question. As you said, were 31 numbers, but I'm still having a lot of fun, they are not even close to the end. It seems that whatever I'm doing, and it's like you're still putting toys on the table with which to play. When I joined the Avengers, I wanted to build , to explore all of the nicest locations in the Marvel Universe and bring us a group of strong characters. Some of them are Avengers and classics that have been with the team in the history, while others are all new and are now part of the Avengers.

I wanted to have the villain more, not only a bad typical appears, the Avengers, the fight, and then disappear. I wanted to create with the constant threat and constant hot spots around the globe, with which the Avengers would have had to do in the near future. And this would introduce new ideas not only for the Avengers but for any other character on which to work.

I tried to build things, by going back in time in the Marvel Legacy #1 when I introduced the Avengers of 10,000 BC, on which we have made of the numbers, between the narrative arcs of larger and what is still to build and build. We have seen some of the legacy of those characters that represent the Avengers primordial. They are the beginning of that legacy, we saw the modern-era equivalent of those inheritance. We just had the birth of a new Starbrand in our last arc, so now the Avengers must have to do with a girl is powerful.

Then it seems to me that I'm still building, I'm still having fun. I'm still bringing new ideas and characters that are fun to have as a part of the mix.

Newsarama: We've already talked about the launch of the Avengers and you esponesti some of the goals for the series and a map for the stories that you're still telling, some of which you just mentioned. As they evolved, these plans once the series began to go forward?

Jason Aaron: I was pretty close in terms of stories I wanted to tell, about the characters that I wanted to bring in the game, and in terms of the villain. I'm still having a lot of fun to explore everything.

The next pairs of numbers are a part of this. The number 31 is a big part of everything in reality. It has to do with a Tony Stark stuck in the past in order to escape from the influence of Mephisto. We have seen a Mephisto and how it has changed different aspects of the timeline of the Avengers in the course of the series. We saw him interact and play a role in some of the origins of those Avengers prehistoric and now we will see him clashing with Tony Stark. We will see him work in the present.

Then the number 32 will shed light on everything because we're going to focus on some of those bad guys that appeared in the comics. We'll get to Marvel at Atlantis, Red Widow, and the Guard was Winter in Russia and the new Kingdom of Vampires that we have established at Chernobyl.

I'm still having a lot of fun to have to deal with a world that is full of problems for the Avengers and I'm having a lot of fun with the characters that I included in the list. Blade is a character that I always loved, I seemed to overdo it a bit by putting it in the roster of the Avengers, but I'm having a lot of fun with this development, and will continue to be part of the comic.

Robbie Reyes is joined as a recruit, a someone that was Ghost Rider in the streets of Los Angeles. Now travel into space and fight the Celestials. It was great fun to bring him on this trip.

We will continue to also enter other characters, the next big story arc is a story of Moon Knight that doesn't actually show you the Moon Knight to join the Avengers. It's pretty much the opposite, Moon Knight against the Avengers.

Newsarama: I'm glad you've brought the villain, especially Moon Knight. You had some villain unconventional in your run on Avengers, but Moon Knight is slightly different in this, has always been more of a hero. How will Moon Knight go from the Avenger as good of a time and become a threat to the team?

Jason Aaron: You'll have to wait and take Avengers #33 to get the answer, but it's all part of what I'm creating in the comics. Not seen anywhere else, is an extension of the threats that we have seen expand against the Avengers.

I had never written Moon Knight before, maybe Original Sin was the only other time I faced it. So it's been fun to immerse yourself in him is so great, get it and basically make them take to kick in the c** * or the Avengers.

For the how and the why, you'll have to read the number 33. I will only say that this is a story I shot around a lot, it is always a question of when to tell the story, and this alone means the most. I am really excited to be finally arrived at this.

It was also a perfect arc for invite the artist Javier Garron in the comics. I am thrilled for what he's doing in the series.

Newsarama: it would appear that Javier is making things almost horror, zombie Khonshu, the mummies, and more. He was someone that you had already in mind when you were putting everything together?

Jason Aaron: Javier is immediately felt in the right place. And someone on which Tom Brevoort and Alanna Smith, my editor, had already an eye for the Avengers by quite a bit, and he will bring a lot of energy and excitement to the comics.

There will be many new things in this arc. As you said, it is not only Moon Knight, who will compare the Avengers. The latter has at its disposal a whole army of disturbing the priests of the moon and the mummies back to life, and once this arc will start to mesh, not only on Moon Knight against the Avengers, will be on the forces of Khonshu busy to want to redefine the world into a new era, the era of Khonshu. For which Javier is practically redesigning large chunks of the Marvel Universe, which is very strong.

Newsarama: By tradition, do not you afraid of change or even having to make the pieces a character on a certain level, contorcendoli towards new interactions that we've never seen. Moon Knight is a villain, Jane Foster became Thor. But these last arcs are part of a long thread, so Moon Knight will remain in the Avengers in the near future? We are faced at the beginning of a new era for Moon Knight?

Jason Aaron: that Would be great. I can't speak for the future of a character and how it will still forward from this point on. But you know, I never thought of this arc as to make pieces of the Moon Knight. This is to celebrate the different interactions of the character over the years. We did have permission right to the gate.

This is not trying to reimagine the Moon Knight, is what I do for any character I bring in the mix. I want to show it because I like the character, what is it that I think is as strong or exciting about them, and I want to show it to you. Not only saying it, but by placing him in situations so that you can see why that character is strong, and probably was strong from decades before I arrived.

I think this is the truth of the Moon Knight and I hope that it is something in which long time fans of Moon Knight can truly immerse yourself.

Newsarama: going Back to the current roster of Avengers, this was a concept, changing over the course of your run, an idea that had already been performed at the launch of the series. In your recent Newsletter you said that your team in 2020, would have had a “major, iconic Avengers you know and love, and some other people that you probably wouldn't expect to see join their side.” What can you tell us about who might get the title this year?

Jason Aaron: this is The number 32 will have a signal. The final of that number will point straight to the next big arc that will be made after the arc of Moon Knight




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