Jasmine Carrisi is the daughter of Albano, the confession shock: ‘i Put my brother's clothes..

Published on Oct 22, 2018

Jasmine Carrisi is one of the daughters of Loredana Lecciso. The beautiful girl has been one of the guests on Sunday's Live Barbara D'urso.

Jasmine Carrisi, with the permission of the mother Loredana Lecciso and papa Al Bano gave a first tv interview in which has told you a bit about his life, relationship with family and parents more than famous. Instead, here's what he revealed.

Barbara D'urso had the pleasure and good fortune to have in the studio Jasmine Carrisi, the first daughter of Al Bano and Loredana Lecciso. The girl told that with the brothers, including the sons of Al Bano has a very good relationship. It seems, in particular, is very much tied to Cristel with whom he shares the passion for singing.

Both have a beautiful voice, but we know that Cristel does not sing now. The girl is currently enjoying her maternity leave. Jasmine, of course, is not long been single. Momma hen Loredana as soon as he could he followed.

The hostess has asked a rather innocent young Jasmine that the caller has not been very familiar with the cameras. For this D'urso we went conservative and did the way to ask questions, innocent.

Jasmine revealed to have a very good relationship with the brothers, with Bido, his brother, has, however, relationships – as it should be - sometimes conflicting. Living constantly under the same I try can ignite easily contentions. Jasmine has told us that often they fight, because she steals the clothes.

Barbara thought that he was hiding, instead of Jasmine, he said that he gets to wear them. You can see that like the style boy fit. In short, is a teenager, it is natural to be so.

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