Jared Leto: “The movie DC are the equal of those Marvel”


Published on May 04, 2019


With The Man of Steel, and then, with Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, DC and Warner Bros. have wanted to start their shared universe film, having to inevitably deal with the Marvel Cinematic Universe, born years before the first Iron Man. The flop resounding of the first movies DC has done, inevitably take the comparison with those of the House of Ideas, considered by many to be superior.

Although the insiders of both companies have, in the course of the years, tried to tone down rejoicing, in a more general way, of the success of the comics to the movies, the rivalry has certainly diminished among the fans. To hold high the banner of the Worlds of DC has thought of this time Jared Leto, declaring as the film DC are equal to those of Marvel.

“I think they are two universes at par, ask the Aquaman Jason Momoa” the words of the actor, “Wonder Woman has been one of the most exciting things ever, phenomenal, with a performance magnificent of the Lag In the. I think that DC has done many beautiful things, but we can't always win. People have loved Shazam!, I still have not seen. Nobody of course is perfect and we all make mistakes”.

In a precente interview with Variety, instead, the actor is back to talk about his situation in the shared universe DC and his role as the Joker: “Definitely I would like to return to the interpretation of the Joker, but it all depends on the situations and the various screenplays, as always,” says the actor. instead

Leto therefore shows the will to return to being a protagonist in a movie, D.C., but, from his words, there seems to be no currently plans for him and, consequently, to the Joker. Interesting to see how Warner Bros. and DC Comics will handle the character after the release of the film with Joaquin Phonix and, in the case of great success, as you evolve things.


Jared Leto: “The movie DC are the equal of those Marvel” is




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