Jane Alexander loves Elijah? Enrico Silvestrin wand the actress: “son of shame”


Published on Oct 26, 2018


It is one of the love triangles certainly one of the most complicated among all those born in the three editions of Big Brother Vip. We are talking about the one born between the beautiful Elia Fongaro, the actress Jane Alexander and the companion of the last Gianmarco. In the course of the last installment of the first evening, the topic has not been explored properly but in the house (and outside the four walls of the reality show Mediaset) reflections on the case are very many. Jane and Gianmarco, in fact, have not wanted to deal with in front of 3 million viewers the case, speaking through clenched teeth of their relationship, but it is understood that between the two things did not go well for a long time.

It is not a mystery anymore, in fact, that Jane Alexander has found the human comfort in the charism of Elia Fongaro, the lovely velino as well as looking attractive also reveals to have a good eloquence. Between the two is quickly moved from a simple friendship to something more: hugs, kisses on the cheeks, cuddling... Images that are apparently also arrived to mate, Jane Alexander, that Gianmarco, that good must not be left.

A few nights ago, together with Enrico Silvestrin, the man came out from the house and with a megaphone asked the actress if she wanted to put an end to their misunderstandings with a faith that to the finger: in short, he proposed an unusual promise of marriage. The Alexander, however, has not yet wanted to answer the question, and prefer to rest in the arms of the ex-velino.

On social, however, intervenes precisely Enrico Silvestrin, a friend of both. The former video mixer Mtv Italy said: “You are reasoning on the mate but to be more impressed in these days it is the son who does not recognize the mother, and shame. Premising that I'm not giving against. I'm saying that I disapprove of because I pretend to be another type of head...”.

Always on his profile on Instagram, he added: “as far as is free to exercise his free will as he prefers, an adult responsibility, towards themselves, towards those who must protect, and to those who, in his absence, the protection for it. Is the Big Brother Vip, not in the hotel [...] but maybe if it is out of tune. It is my friend, I'll say in the face: Jane has to protect herself and her son certainly not I, that already I have to collect the tears of the companion“. How it will evolve is the case?

The actress in the direct explained that this story was over already before she entered the house even if it had not been communicated in an official way because her partner had not wanted to face the topic. From his part, the musician has asked for respect. The actress has closed: “The first to miss me respect are you the one”.

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