Jane Alexander kissing Elia Fongaro: her “boyfriend” commented on the social


Published on Oct 28, 2018


Latest news from the house of Big Brother Vip but not only, because obviously, what happens in the home, influence and then also what happens outside. And’ the case of the kiss that there was between Jane, Alexander and Elia Fongaro some time ago in the house of the Gf Vip. It all started with a game but the two you are not limited to be only a kiss on the lips, you have indulged in a passionate kiss. But it is not the only attitude that the companion, or perhaps ex-mate, Jane, is looking these days. And now he has decided to tell her, with a message on Instagram.

Here's what he wrote a few minutes ago, Recently the boyfriend or the ex-boyfriend of Jane on social:

You never know a person, even if in the end all we are for what we are. Each of us will deal with itself. I have no intention, for now, to speak of the private unlike others that are making their life a show causing him to suffer US that we are at home! I walk head high.

These are the words of what was, up until a few days mate Jane, and that probably now he is not.

Jane in the house does not seem at all repentant of what he has done:

I have not had the repentance I know that the way I did it is wrong, but it usually does not happen that way. It is something that happened under the eyes. I would like to be able to make a call to Gianmarco, I'm doing things in bad taste.

And still:

However, what happened with my person at home would have happened anyway, but it's not based on him, he's not there enters nothing, it's just that I'm very good. I only wish that Elijah does not come out badly from this thing, I did everything myself. I'll be a bad person, but I can't seem to stay away from the affection and the caresses of Elijah. I don't want to think of a future with him, we are living this history in this house, I am sorry that we have hurt a person out.

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