Jane Alexander, another of marriage: what's cookin ' with Elia Fongaro?


Published on Oct 24, 2018


We tell this story and always with great respect because while Jane Alexander is in the house of Big Brother Vip, out there is her boyfriend who has gone so far as to ask her to become his wife. A marriage proposal is made with the megaphone, which, however, did not like Jane. First of all, the style: Jane would have preferred a romantic thing not a scene on television where I was then spoken all over the papers. In the second place, Jane, after the way you were being left out of the house, did not expect that her boyfriend had asked for a similar thing. Last but not least another small hitch: Jane in the last few days is very close to Elia Fongaro, a relationship that not only seems that between the two friends, indeed.

Jane, by chatting with Francis, he has tried to give an explanation of what is the act of Gianmcaro. In this story also intervenes Stephen Hall says: “ his reaction is one of rescue, he realized something.”
Other than the point of view of the Mount: “You came here already with problems and him inside of him already knew what you wanted to go. You came and maybe you're finding clarity within yourself”.

Jane appears and shock is pronounced on the strong relationship with Elijah, admitting that she likes: “Elijah, I have found a support, someone who gets you high. I believe that in all this, apart from Elijah, is everything from what happened outside, Elijah was perhaps a cause”.

Francis then tried to talk with Elijah to understand what they test him against Jane. “There is a relationship of mutual respect and understanding that has been triggered, and she's not me is indifferent. I, however, are still smarting from my ex,” says Elias, who seems to take the distances from a possible approach to Jane.

Monte, ashamed already of a flirt in a reality show, tells of his experience to his friend: “I met a wonderful person where empathy we were all over, but I realized that it was not love. The situation for me has emphasized”. Francis speaks of Paola di Benedetto, known to the Island of the famous.

“And’ a person I love and admire, we are making projections to which I have not thought, now I take conscience of this. I only know that I do well there,” said the handsome Elijah.
“Have provoked you to this thing, and for me it was he (Ignatius), you have to face your responsibilities. She (Jane) has asked me a point of view, having experienced a similar situation out”. The recommended Francis. We'll see what will happen.

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