“James.P”, the new videoclip of rappers luino area Carousel: in its verses, bursts Parkinson's disease

Published on May 28, 2017

“James.P” is the new single of the rapper luino area Carousel, which yesterday was posted on YouTube. The theme of the song is that of the Parkinson's disease that, according to Lucio Perrone, “is a disease for which even today there is too much indifference. The hope is to find treatments are always more effective.” Here is the video clip. “James.P”, the new videoclip of rappers luino area Carousel: in its verses, bursts Parkinson's disease. One of the first rap songs that speak of Parkinson's disease is “James.P”, written by the rapper luino area Lucio Perrone, art Carousel. The video, which was posted yesterday on YouTube, he speaks about the stories of two people, Claudia and Marco, which, although do not know each other, are united by the presence of James in their lives, a subject which will not let them ever be alone, and that for much of the song do not understand who it could be. Seems to be a love-hate continuum that in the last verse, by talking directly to the protagonist in James, reveals to be Parkinson's disease. “I wrote this song, " says the rapper Carousel – because I see a lot of indifference in the face of this disease, so I've tried to immerse myself in people who suffer from of the disease with the hope of being able to raise the awareness of the people. Also, I believe that rap, testifying often a form of discomfort, even if it is not always so, it could be very important in addressing problems such as these, that cause suffering to the people and those who are around them, then the hope is also to find treatments are always the most efficient. The names used are random, but I chose this style of storytelling after seeing the wonderful movie ‘Vi presento Joe Black’, which I was surprised and very impressed. James, instead, is the name of the person who has discovered the reality of Parkinson's disease, as he was the first to draw the symptoms and back to his diary, ‘paralysis agitans'”. In the album, instead, there are eleven tracks, heterogeneous between them, which have the goal to tell the stories of everyday lives, some moving, others are more cynical. The album was recorded entirely by the rapper himself, while the bases have been produced in large part by Gabriel Baglio, a sicilian boy with which the Carousel has established a profitable collaboration. For more information and insights on the music of the rapper luino area Carousel, click here.

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