James Bond: the producer excludes a female version of Bond


Published on Oct 07, 2018


The producer of the 007 films Barbara Broccoli insists that the character of Bond is a male character and that a gender change is not something which the franchise is interested. However, do not exclude the possibility that a director could one day direct a James Bond film.

In a new interview with the Guardian, Broccoli has ruled out the possibility of a Bond woman. Although he said “anything was possible” at the beginning of this year, the Broccoli now seems to believe that Bond works best as a male character. “It's a male character,” he said. “It was written to be a male, and I think that it will likely remain a male.”

The last comments of the manufacturer go against his previous observations of the beginning of the year, when the Broccoli was asked if it would be possible or not one day see a Bond black or female. This, Broccoli has responded shyly that these films tend to reflect the times in which they are made and that everything was possible.

Broccoli, however, is open to female talent behind the camera. To the question if she would be interested in the hiring of a screenwriter and/or director, the producer seemed to be completely in favour. “Yes, absolutely,” she replied Broccoli. “As a manufacturer in the female, of course I'd do it.”

However, for now you do not see filmmakers on the horizon, as it has been confirmed that director Cary Fukunaga (True Detective) will direct the film no. 25 Bond for MGM, following the departure of director Danny Boyle, who has left the project due to differences creative. The production of the next Bond film is scheduled for the beginning of next year for a deployment to February 14, 2020.


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