Jailbreak iOS 10.3.2: there we are, this is the “Houdini”! – DOWNLOAD


Published on Dec 07, 2017


As a lightning from a clear sky, behold, today we check out a new Jailbreak for the iPhone. This is Houdini, an app that can install Cydia on any iPhone, iPad and iPod touch that mounts to one of the different versions of iOS 10 (from 10.0 through 10.3.2, it is not supported on iOS 10.3.3).


Houdini is a new jailbreak that covers virtually all versions of iOS 10, with the exception of iOS 10.3.3 (i.e. the most recent public version of the previous version of the Apple operating system). It's basically an app that allows you to install Cydia, the program through which you will be able to configure the themes and changes of the most diverse on the iPhone, iPod and iPod touch. Another limitation, however, concerns the devices: they are not in fact supported those that use a processor with 32-bit architecture, as well as the iPhone 5 and iPhone 5c.

Here's how to download and use Houdini:


It should be noted that this jailbreak has been created by an independent developer, and we had never had news before. We do not recommend in any case (at least for now) perform the procedure given that giving Houdini the developer may have access to some of the data on your device. In case you decide, however, to perform the unlocking procedure, remember that you are proceeding at your own risk.

Here you can also take a look at the procedure to perform the Jailbreak.

If you are interested you can download the first beta version of the tool Houdini to Jailbreak your Apple device from this link. Will follow probably the new release (more stable than this) so I advise you to wait before performing the unlocking procedure on your device in order to avoid any kind of problem.

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