Jack Vanore of Men and Women affected by an illness? Here's how it is

Published on Nov 03, 2018

Jack Vanore, columnist Women and Men had a problems these days, therefore, was compelled to be absent from the transmission

Jack Vanore is one of the faces historians of the family of Men and Women. The columnist has had some problems and it is for this reason that in recent days has been forced to esentarsi from the transmission. Here's what he said on the social.

Jack Vanore explained the reason for his absence. Also on the social was not as active as before. All the fans wondered what had happened. The irony and the sincerity was lacking at all in the program.

For years alongside of Gianni and Tina, Jack has always given his opinion always sharp but never aggressive. His absence has done quite a bit to worry about. His silence on the web has unleashed a bunch of doubts and questions. Using a video in the stories of his profile Instagram, the ligure has made a bit of clarity.

Jack did not specify what kind of problem you had. He spoke only of a big shock. Of course, since it private life, Vanore has not wanted to make known on social. maybe in the transmission will be more precise about what has happened. Here is his message to fans:

“Here I am, not I'm gone, I'm here. I thank all the people who have written to me at the time and asked me how I was and what had happened to me. I will be away for some time from the transmission. It was a very tough guys, the truth is this. I am very scared and I had a lot of fear.”

Then he continued:

Life is also this, and today I can say that it was only a simple fear. I smile and I smile because even from this bad experience I learned that I am a lucky guy because I have so many people who love me. My family, friends and my great little woman. Without them we would not be so simple. Still nothing, it was a fire of straw, and I will resume my activities on the social.”

All we can do is hope that Jack would solve all his problems and that soon you are back in transmission together with Gianni and Tina, two other famous and beloved faces of the program.

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