Jack Ryan at the cinema: Baldwin, Ford, Affleck, Pine


Published on Aug 21, 2018


Who is Jack Ryan? If this question were to be posed to the film buffs who are reading, the responses would be multiple and associated automatically to anyone who has lent her face to the hero born from the pen of Tom Clancy to the big screen. Four, five movies, while it will be the task – as now often happens – of the tv series for Amazon Prime Video coming in the August 31, 2018 starring John Krasinski to bring order and uniformity to create a universe (in the hopes of Amazon) hard for many years to come. Let's retrace together the film and interpreters to understand how we arrived at the last Jack Ryan and what to expect from his television counterpart.

Universal Home Entertainment Italy for the occasion, on the 19th of September 2018 at the latest will post all 5 films of the saga for the first time in the format Ultra HD 4K remastered version with new graphics.

As we will see there are constants and variables used in the transpositions, and will do so through four key personalities together with the protagonist: the girlfriend/wife of Ryan, the head of the protagonist to the CIA, the president of the United States, and the villain turn.

05. Alec Baldwin (the Hunt for Red October, 1990)

Original title: The Hunt for Red October | Directed by: John McTiernan | adapted from the novel The great escape for Red October by Tom Clancy. Produced just after the fall of the Berlin wall.

Jack Ryan. The first Jack Ryan transposed to the audiovisual sector, that of Alec Baldwin permeates the basic characteristics of the literary character: happily married and father of a family, former marine and now CIA analyst, she don't like to fly, will be the opening and closing of the film). He finds himself involved in a conspiracy greater than he is in the midst of the Cold War (we are in 1984). A story set largely underwater, primarily, on two submarines, one american and one Russian, the latter headed by the characters of Sean Connery (who wants to defect) and Sam Neill (who helps him) as a new Russian.

The head of the CIA. Glue with the next two films dedicated to the character of Tom Clancy's (but whose witness will be taken by Harrison Ford) and James Greer, the admiral, played by James Earl Jones. The head of Ryan at the CIA will be often, as we will see, will be a character of afro-american origins. In this first film you will not see the president of the United States, which will be a figure most central in the following movies.

The villain. Technically it would be the character of Sean Connery, who represents the Mother Russia but soon we will discover, in addition to his intention to defect, and then switch on the part of the americans, that the real threat is inside the home in the United States. In fact, as like to remember Tom Clancy in his novels, which focus often on the conspiracy by the u.s. government, use so-called “enemies of the fatherland” as a mirror for the larks of the characters, and with Jack Ryan, only to realize this double game in the act.

Jack Ryan at the cinema: Baldwin, Ford, Affleck, Pine is




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