J-POP will publish Carletto il Principe dei mostri


Published on Sep 03, 2019


Through a story published on his page Facebook official J-POP has announced the publication of the original manga, Kaibutsu-kun of Fujiko Fujio A., from which it was derived in the famous anime arrived in Italy as Carletto il Principe dei mostri.

The publication is scheduled for the Autumn, on the occasion of Lucca Comics and Games 2019; we await further details.

In Japan, the manga has been published in the second half of the Years 60 and collected in 15 volumes; it inspired the first animated series in black-and-white in 1968, unreleased in Italy, and a second color in the 1980's.

The second series, including the episodes never broadcast before, is currently airing on Man-Ga:

The Count is an elegant vampire from the French accent. Wolf would seem to be a normal type, but wait until you see him with the full moon. Frank is big and fat and frightening just to look at him. We are in a quiet suburb of the japanese? Are the stock Carletto, Prince of Mostrolandia in educational travel among human beings. One adventure after another in which human and monsters face to face, understand each other, fight with each other and become friends. There is so much difference, if one does not insist on watching the appearances.

J-POP will publish Carletto il Principe dei mostri is




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