J-POP, the outputs of the manga on October 2, 2019


Published on Sep 27, 2019


Armed Girl's Machiavellism 08
of Yuya Kurokami, Karuna Kanzaki
€ 5,90
a mysterious connection seems to combine nomura and nonomura but, against all odds, their head has all the appearance of one between two old friends! the peace that seems to reign in the school nervous but she kirisaki, who finally explodes! in the ninth, and choka is entrusted with the task of arranging the whole affair, but she, an expert in kalaripayattu, has an ace up its sleeve: the urumi, a sword-whip of steel in front of which the two girls find themselves increasingly in trouble! will be able to reverse the situation?

Cyborg 009 God s War 4
of Shotaro Ishinomori, Joe Onodera, Masato Hayase, Sugar Satou
€ 6,90
Cyborg 009 is the life work of the master Shotaro Ishinomori, will not be able, however, to complete it. To inherit the will were the assistants and the writer Joe Onodera, the one who received the explosive ideas for the realization of the closing chapters directly from the master. Thus began the last great battle of the warriors cyborg!

Magical Girl Spec-Ops Asuka 04
Makoto Fukami and Seigo Tokiya
€ 6,50
Asuka arrives in Okinawa together with his classmates. In the meantime, Izuka with the team M, as well as My and Tamara, to reach the garrison of Naha to guard the conference business interdimensional.
However, the goal of Giess and Chisato, become a Magical Girl, you just attack for the event! Asuka, Kurumi, me and Tamara of the Magical Five are about to join once again forces to face the Brigade of Babel, but... A fierce battle is at the doors!

Monster Girl 10
of Kazuki Funatsu
€ 6,00
Tsurugi, the girl of Kyoto, implements the merger reishi with two yokai at the same time and Yatsuki and his team you are in trouble! To get the better of on the faculty of the satori, one of the yokai minions of Tsurugi, the boy attempts his first fusion reishi with Kirue! But their challenge will lead to unexpected developments...

Persona5 1
of Hisato Murasaki, Atlus
€ 5,90
The manga taken from the famous video game “Persona 5”! On the first day of Akira Kurusu in high School Shujin is pretty incredible. With a school friend is lost in a mysterious space called the Palace, where it is caught by professor Kamoshida, the self-proclaimed ruler of the place. Akira awakens the spirit of rebellion “Person” and, with the help of Morgana, a mysterious cat, the two manage to escape from the strange dimension for a breath... But the misdeeds of Kamoshida could produce a tragedy in the school!

Radiant 1-9
Tony Valente
€ 7,90
The series euromanga, which has conquered all, thus also becoming a very popular serious animated in Japan. The story of the sorcerer, Seth, in the fight with the monstrous Nemesis-and in search of the fabled Radiant, the “nest” of the creatures that are threatening humanity, returns in a new edition. A huge world and fantastic, where magic is feared but also sophisticated, full of secrets and powerful creatures, protagonists of spectacular fights... The perfect opportunity to start a manga most read in the world!

Radiant 10
dii, Tony Valente
€ 7,90
The phenomenal euromanga Tony Valente, an author who has among his admirers and also colleagues like Hiro Mashima (Fairy Tail) and Yusuke Murata (One-Punch Man), it continues with a highly anticipated new original volume!
The battle of Caislean Merlin is at a turning point, after the shocking events of the last number. Seth and Myr can change the course of the war, but the Inquisitors still have an ace in the sleeve... The story arc of the Knights-Wizards comes to an end and a new one begins!

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