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Published on Oct 11, 2019


The Heart Of Thomas – Moto Hagio Collection
Moto Hagio
€ 15,00
The masterpiece of the Seventies, in a single volume from the collection! Germany, the half of the XX century. The news of the mysterious death of young Thomas Werner shakes the students of the college Schlotterbetz, just returned from the Easter holidays. Julusmole Bayhan, student irreproachable and prefect of the school, receives a posthumous letter from him, which upset the life. As well as the arrival at school of a new student, Eric, who resembles him in everything and for everything to Thomas, except that in character...

Hell's Paradise – Jigokuraku 1
Of Yuji Kaku
€ 5,90
Opponents, bloodthirsty, demonic monsters, betrayals and explosive action: one shonen that will leave your mouth open! The dreaded ninja Gabimaru, considered to be unbeatable, awaits in prison the arrival of an executioner can kill him. The desire to get it over with now seems to be stronger than the desire to fight, but the proposal of the executioner Asaemon awaken in him the fury of a time: the opportunity to return to live with his wife, the only light in his life, if you will accept to venture into a magical land and lethal to recover the secret of eternal life for the shogun!

Of Harada
€ 6,90
The first of two anthologies yaoi signed Harada, the author of Yatamomo and Color Recipe! A collection to the theme of Boy's Love: from the two childhood friends caught up in a triangle full of secrets, the attraction charmer of the shiny metal, ending with a story narrated from the point of view of a girl... the teacher Harada gives us a series of stories that stand out for their approach to “negative” to life.

The Club Of The Explosions 2
Of Aoisei, Anajiro
€ 6,90
The thriller to Tetsuya Tsutsui meets Bowling for Columbine! Three years have passed from when a student is a victim of bullying, it blew up in his class. Takumi Shindo, one of the seven survivors of the suicide bombing, from the day of the tragedy, investigates the person who provided the explosive to the non-perpetrator. A search that will lead him to a conclusion with a dramatic and unexpected...

Kase & Yamada 04
Hiromi Takashima
€ 6,50
Yamada has decided to move to Tokyo with Kase. The girls are talking about moving in together, but Yamada has a concern that haunts: the senpai Inoue, who is studying in the same university, it will go on Kase. In the meantime, between the anxieties and jealousies, the day of the festival, the school is approaching...

Monster Musume 15
Of Okayado
€ 6,50
Kimihito, and his ever more loyal suitors make a visit to the town of Lamia. Needless to say, there our protagonist will have really ugly, followed by the eccitatissime inhabitants of the kingdom who will do anything to mate with him... To escape his fate will have to overcome different tests, the most absurd of the other!

Overlord 11
Of Kugane Maruyama, so-bin, Hugin Miyama, Satoshi dropped for the last time
€ 4,40
Coming soon the fourth season of the anime! Continue the adventures of Momonga in the new world, inspired by Yggdrasil, an MMORPG that our hero was a great champion. Sebas must give account to his master of the ill-considered actions of which it is stained, but the forgiveness of Ainz is not slow to arrive. The butler will, however, prove to be still true to you... the return of The King is Not Dead!

Re:Zero – Light Novel 6
Of Tappei Nagatsuki, Shinichirou Otsuka
€ 12,00
The sixth volume to the series of light novels, and fantasy, a phenomenon of 2017! Subaru Natsuki, again, in the capital of Lugunica after yet another Return from the dead, swears revenge to Petelgeuse, one of the Archbishops of Sin. The guy is committed in every way to find allies in order to defeat the Cult of the Witch and save Emilia. The wheel of destiny is going to start to move again!

Tokyo Ghoul:Re Novel 1 – Quest
On Ishida, Shin Towada
€ 12,00
Continues the series of novels dedicated to the manga phenomenon Sui Ishida! For the orphans of Tokyo Ghoul! Comes the long-awaited first novel Tokyo Ghoul:re, where we can find scenes of everyday life never appeared in the manga: a quinx that adores video games, one of the strongest departments of the Command anti-Ghoul that tries to work in the bakery, the cultural festival and the garden of the family of the Gourmet...


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