J-POP, the outputs of the manga on December 18, 2019


Published on Dec 13, 2019


The circus and Other Stories
by junji Ito
€ 15,00

New anthology dedicated to the most well known exponent of the manga horror! Please come and see, the circus is in town! And, a perfect master of ceremonies, by junji Ito has prepared a series of numbers, one of the most extraordinary and terrifying the other. Between the scarecrow, all-too-human, city-labyrinth, and cemeteries floats, the specialist of the manga horror composes a new anthology with his inimitable taste for horror without limits, and for the grotesque. Let the show begin!

The Quintessential Unfortunately 3
of Negi Haruba
€ 5,90

Futaro agrees to give reps to the five twins who hate to study, with the aim of bringing them up to the diploma. After the fireworks show, he feels like he has begun to establish a relationship of trust with the girls, but don't have time to rejoice in the approaching exams... Will this absurd study group to overcome the obstacle?

The Dream Of Cuckoos 2
of Tamekou
€ 6,90

The debut of a new star of the panorama of yaoi! The university Natsuka fell in love with from the years of his best friend Hakushima, but has not the courage to dichiararglisi, for fear of sporcarne perfection. To appease his instincts, however, had a physical relationship with the Breast, until the lives of his love, and his bed partner do not collide in an unexpected way and, including the exchange of bodies and minds that are shared, you form a triangle explosive and sensual...

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