J-POP, outputs the manga, on the 11th of March 2020


Published on Mar 06, 2020


Love Stage!! 1 of 7
of Eiki Eiki, Taishi Zaou
€ 6,90

Izumi seems destined to work in show business, as happens with success in all of his family. The popularity, however, prefers his dream of becoming a manga artist. Forced by the family to act in the remake of a tv spot in which he participated as a child, rincontrerà Ryoma, the co-protagonist, who since then has never stopped looking for you! Single detail? Izumi in the spot he was dressed as a child! How will Ryoma to discover that his first love was... a boy?!

17 Years 2 to 4
of Seiji Fujii, Youji Kamata
€ 6,90

The high school student Hiroki joins the band of hoodlum Miyamoto, and, after the initial excitement, he finds himself involved in crimes more and more severe. Until the band does not take Sachiko, a young student who becomes the object of the most horrible torture... the Victim of his tormentors, and of the indifference of the adults, but the girl has still someone that will fight for you.

Bloom Into You 8 of 8
of Nio Nakatani
€ 6,50

What does it mean to fall in love with someone? After the declaration of Sayaka, Toko has decided to look reality in the face. Meanwhile, Yu, who was rejected, receives a message from senpai. Both rush toward the beloved person, ready to face an important issue.

Devilman Saga 10
Go Nagai
€ 7,50

The new manga series written and illustrated by go NAGAI Go Nagai, direct sequel to Devilman! Yuki Fudo, an expert of robotics, is working on the ancient technology of the Demon Armor for the account of the mysterious Asuka Ryo and his multinational. But you bump into a secret that could lead to the rebirth of the Evil and at the end of the human race!

Horimiya 12
of Hero, Daisuke Hagiwara
€ 5,90

A sparkling romantic comedy school, for those who loved Toradora! Sakura has the air of the girl series and mature, and then no one suspects that it is actually a big fan of manga full of ninjas and fights. Strange but true, even Yanagi is passionate. The day of the release of a new and highly anticipated volume, the two will discover each other's hidden sides...

The School Uniform Akebi 5
€ 6,50

Komichi Akebi attends a prestigious girls ' school located in the countryside, where he discovers a whole new world. He lives each day to the max, full of energy and enthusiasm. The first summer vacation interrupt the school day and the Akebi feel the lack of companions, but now it is time to spend time at the beach with his family!!! A quiet school comedy, with an adorable protagonist!

The Promised Neverland 14
of Kaiu Shirai, Posuka Demizu
€ 5,90

Emma heads to a farm run by demons in search of medicine to save the life of his little friend, whose conditions are more serious. Despite the risks, she and a few companions sneak into the property, where they will assist to a show of shocking...

World's End Harem 5
Link, Kotarou Shouno
€ 6,50

Shota, sad for having lost the prof Yuzu, enters into intimacy with many girls but he feels that something is missing. And, behold, appear, Shion, his old school mate, to which the City makes a request daring... In the meantime, Reito, who continue to investigate the virus, seems to be in danger...

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