J-POP, outputs the manga of August 2019


Published on Aug 02, 2019


Available from the 28th of August 2019:

Blood Bank 3
of Silb
In a world controlled by vampires and the “blood bank”, are an essential service. In one of these works well One human able to resist the dark allure of the bloodsuckers. Until it receives the visit of the Shell, the son of a prominent vampire who proves to be very interested in him...

Kimba – The white lion 2
by Osamu Tezuka
Africa, the mid-TWENTIETH century. After the death of the king of the jungle, Panja, the white lion Kimba, his son, succeeds him and tries to continue the work of the father, with the goal of building a kingdom that is peaceful and safe for all animals incapable of defending themselves with their own forces from the oppression of the beast, the most aggressive of them all: man. The masterpiece of the Fifties, roaring again in all the comics!

The Price of a Life 2
of Sugaru Miaki, and Shouichi Taguchi
A guy who passes his days in apathy for the most total runs in a store, it is mysterious, where you can sell their life, their time or their health. Convinced not to get ahead of himself years worthy to be lived in, but decides to give away most, keeping only three months. What he doesn't know is that it has to pass guarded by Miyagi, a girl who is going to keep an eye on twenty-four hours on twenty-four...

King/member Unravel 4
of Welzard and Katsutoshi Murase
The saga of the creepy little Girl in red continues! The horror of the school's most loved has left without answers to many questions... and the duo of authors Welzard and Katsutoshi Murase has no intention to leave us in the dark! All the mysteries still unsolved in the “first season” are coming to their climax in this must-see sequel: terror can have no end!

Shutendoji 4
Go Nagai
A few years after he created Devilman, the war between humans and demons once again the protagonist for the Go Nagai! Before dying, a demon gives to a couple with a newborn, the appearance of the human. But at a certain point, it becomes clear that the boy is the only thing that stands between humanity and the demons! The adventure begins in the legendary warrior that will protect the world from the darkness!

I Am Sherlock 3
Arthur Conan Doyle, Naomichi I, Kotaro Takata
In London, the ultra high-tech, to a profligate John Watson is asked to become the roommate of a bizarre and brilliant individual... the android Sherlock! Which cases are waiting for the two friends? You will discover it in a manga from the modern, perfect for bringing a great classic of the thriller genre to the new generations!

Dungeon Food 7
of Ryoko Kui
If you do not eat you can not become strong, and if you do not become strong, let him not eat!
Going in search of adventures in a Dungeon, one of the biggest risk is to end up being devoured by a monster. In Dungeon Food the reverse is also true: without money or food, a team of adventurers will have to learn what is the best method to season the giant bats, and how to cook to perfection a troll. Of course, the real problem is to survive the hunt of the raw material, as you can understand a young explorer in search of his sister over... in the stomach of a dragon!

Goblin Slayer 6
of the Kumo Kagyu and Kousuke Kurose
Adventurers around the world receive their missions from the Guild, which distributes tasks and manages the rewards. But, if for quests like killing dragons or arcidemoni there is a queue, no one wants to take care of the mundane goblins, creatures that haunt the woods and caves, and destroying entire villages. No one, apart from the Goblin Slayer!
Armed with sword, shield, and an endless thirst for blood, is a warrior ready to do anything to exterminate the greatest possible number of these creatures. And it will succeed, no matter what (or who) will have to sacrifice to do it.
Forget about the knights without a stain and nice witches, the Goblin Slayer is a world of violence, bloodshed, and revenge that will enchant you!

The Hero is Dead 14
of Subaruichi
One fine day, the Hero ends up in the trap dug by Touka, a young farmer dirty, and dies. To hide the evidence, Touka seppelisce the corpse of the Hero, but the next morning his body, something happens that is very strange... Start a new adventure fantasy full of absurd situations!

Servamp 13
Tanaka Strike
A contract between vampire and master, a fantasy action fun and hot!
When Mahiru Shirota get a black cat from the road, not imagine that his “pet” is in reality... a Servamp, a vampire servant! And do not imagine because the contract that binds him to Kuro's going to put him in danger!

The Poem of Wind and Trees 9 out of 10
Keiko Takemiya
The south of France, this is the end of the NINETEENTH century. Serge, the son of a French nobleman and a gypsy, he moved to the boys school Lacombrade, where it awaits the meeting of her destiny: the one with the roommate Gilbert, a lovely boy and diabolical that has a relationship ambiguous with the other students...

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