J-POP, outputs the manga of 6 November 2019


Published on Nov 06, 2019


Girl From The Other Side 6
of Nagabe
€ 6,50
Being chased by the soldiers, Shiva, and the master leave the house and decide to settle down in a village very far away, isolated from all the rest. But they cannot escape from their fate. The soldiers cursed, the plans of the Kingdom Within and the past of the master, so far remained obscure... All the mysteries are to be revealed.

The Flowers Of Evil
Kazuo Kamimura, Hideo Okazaki
€ 19,00
A sadistic manager of a school of ikebana trains innocent girls to become sex toys for him and his powerful friends. Until within its clutches does not fall, the beautiful Sayuri, who seems destined to become the queen of this kingdom of perversion... In telling the tragedy of the aesthetic and the social status of women, the authors concentrate to analyze impulses and brutality sexual ever addressed by a publication for adults.

The Phoenix 1 – Osamushi Collection
by Osamu Tezuka
€ 12,00
Begun in 1954 and continued several times until 1988, shortly before his death, the saga of The Phoenix is an effort monumental, ranging from the distant past to the recent years of human civilization, with dozens of characters and episodes from the exciting, in which the master Tezuka, experimented with solutions, narrative and graphic still extraordinary. The legendary bird thus becomes the incarnation of the change and of the perseverance of Life.

The Great Adventure Of Astro Boy – Osamushi Collection
by Osamu Tezuka
€ 15,00
On the wave of the success of the animated series, the master Tezuka put the hand of the manga of Astro Boy back to the centre, the themes and reflections that characterized the adventures of the boy robot with one hundred thousand horse-power. The result is a unique volume in which the story of the Atom/Tobio starts again from zero, a round-the-world in the sign of the struggle for equality.

The Girl Burned 3
of Kantetsu, Yu Satomi
€ 6,00
Kaname and Shiina, who have sworn to die together and in the best possible way, have assisted in the suicide of a person. Because of this, Shiina is even more obsessed with the idea of death, and to drag down with him, even to Kaname. It is in this moment that the boy's mother, the source of his complex, makes an unexpected gesture...

The Choice Of The Pandora 2
of Yudori
€ 20,00
The appearance of Pandora, which is inherited from the mother, makes her stand out on all of the makes the target of the malevolence of others. The invincible character and the bad relationship with the father do the rest, reinforcing its status as an actual presence in the United States of the NINETEENTH century. You will find the opponents for his candor and his sense of humor? The young author of korea signed a historical drama full of love and friendships complicated...

Overlord – Light Novel 3
of Kugane Maruyama, the so-bin
€ 14,00
After the manga and anime, here is the novel which started it all! Momonga, champion of the videogame fantasy Yggdrasil, and now guild master of Ainz Ooal Gown, will have to contend with the insurrection of his subject: the vampire Shalltear Bloodfallen. But how is it possible that a character created by one of his old guild mates all turned against you? A hard-fought battle fratricidal will now start...

Pokémon, The Great Adventure Box Vol. 14-17
of Hidenori Society, Satoshi Yamamoto
€ 34,00
By a curious coincidence, the Pearl, and Diamond are found to escort the only descendant of the prestigious family of Berlitz of Sinnoh towards the Mountain Crown. Small detail: the two are not the guards of the body, but a comedy duo! Based on the famous video games of Pokémon Diamond and Pokémon Pearl, has the beginning of a long journey that will take us in the amazing region of Sinnoh!

Pokemon The Great Adventure 14
of Hidenori Society, Satoshi Yamamoto
€ 8,50

of Harada
€ 6,90
A collection to the theme of Boy's Love: starting from the turgid misadventures of the “messiah”, through the sprawling sci-fi erotica starring a nice professor and his assistant a little awake, finishing with a spicy role play... The teacher Harada gives us a series of stories that are characterized by an approach of “positive” to life.

Radiation House 2
of Tomohiro Yokomaku, Taishi Mori
€ 6,50
Iori Igarashi is a brilliant x-ray technician. CT and mri will have no secrets for him, but is not equally skilled at managing social relationships. One day he is finally able to get hired in the hospital, where he has his childhood friend, love always. There he encounters a child patient, that...

The Dream of Cuckoos 1
of Tamekou
€ 6,90
The university Natsuka fell in love with from the years of his best friend Hakushima, but has not the courage to dichiararglisi, for fear of sporcarne perfection. To appease his instincts, however, had a physical relationship with the Breast, until the lives of his love, and his bed partner do not collide in an unexpected way and, including the exchange of bodies and minds that are shared, you form a triangle explosive and sensual...

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