J-POP, outputs the manga as of January 31, 2018: debut of The Promised Neverland


Published on Jan 25, 2018


of Kaiu Shirai, Posuka Demizu
€ 5,90
The new hit coming from the pages of Weekly Shonen Jump (Dragon Ball, One Piece). Emma, Norman and Ray live happily since birth in an orphanage, surrounded by a dense forest, cared for by a loving “mom”. Their illusion of normalcy falls apart when they discover what really happens to those who leave the house to be “adopted”, and what's behind it is the wall that delimits the forest: the kids do not remains that wits to try to escape. Begins a deadly game of cat and mouse!
And remember that by purchasing the volume in the Neverland Shop, you will also receive the poster and the notebook exclusive! HERE all the info and the map of comics adherents.

of Caribu Marley, Jiro Taniguchi
€ 15,00
The world of boxing, is upset by the presence of a fighter cold, unfeeling, which seems to be invincible. Behind much fanfare, this icy wrestler chasing the impulse to self-destruction and appears not to be interested in the career or anything else. The unforgettable writer of Old Boy, and the master of manga Jiro Taniguchi (here almost at the beginning) explore the darkest corners of the human soul through the world of boxing, in a single volume ever published in Italy.

of Ryoko Kui
€ 6,90
Tentacles! Lethal (and refreshing) Undine! Kraken! In a volume full of recipes, “marinate”, Laios, and the other adventurers/gourmet risk their lives in order to overcome a section very dangerous Dungeon, and cross the road to the other groups, and old acquaintances, with whom relations are not exactly of the best...

Our Direct arrives at the fiftieth number with all the info on the upcoming Made in the Abyss, The Crow: Memento Mori, and much more!

Source: JPOP

J-POP, outputs the manga as of January 31, 2018: debut of The Promised Neverland is




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