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Published on Dec 06, 2019


The Promised Neverland Box (1-3)
Of Kaiu Shirai, Posuka Demizu
€ 17,70

A beautiful BOX TO GIFT to enter the world of The Promised Neverland! Discover and make others discover the successful manga of the year with this starter pack for christmas, enclosed in an elegant box! In a splendid villa surrounded by a forest forbidden to live in Emma, Norman, Ray and other orphans. Between games, lessons and tests, the moment when one of them leaves the villa to be adopted is always welcomed with a certain sadness, which turns into horror when the three discover the terrible fate that will meet...

The Prince Of the Monsters 2 (of 2)
Of Fujiko Fujio Ⓐ
€ 12,00

The manga that inspired the legendary animated series Carletto il principe dei mostri! From the creator of Doraemon, the two volumes of content-rich special! It is now thirty-five years since the first episode of the anime, in Italy, but it is only today that the rich characters of black humor Fujiko Fujio Ⓐ present for the first time to the Italian public in the printed version, with this full-bodied collection of stories full of “strange monsters, but with a lot of humanity”...

Magical Girl Spec-Ops Asuka 5
Makoto Fukami, Seigo Tokiya, Naoya Tamura
€ 6,50

The war of the maghette goes on and on! ANIME ON CRUNCHYROLL! A violent battle rages between the Magical Five and the Brigade Babel. While My fights in the village, Tamara and the team M do all they can to repel the enemy. Also Gless, Chisato, Shinji and Kurumi are facing in fighting one against one. Will be able to protect the general Tabira until the end of time?

Kase and Yamada 5 – The Cherry Blossoms
Hiromi Takashima
€ 6,50

The day of the admission test, Kase decided to reach Yamada, nervous, and scared, to encourage her to give up. With the arrival of spring, the two girls to attend a university in Tokyo? The sparkling diary of a teenage Kase & Yamada has come to the last volume!

Towards the Land... 2 (of 3)
Keiko Takemiya
€ 10,00

An original masterpiece of sci-fi from the author of The Poem of Wind and Trees! Winner of important prizes in the world of manga and sci-fi literature! In the future, humanity, have drained the Earth of all its resources, finds itself forced to emigrate to the colonies of the cosmic. Cede the control of the company to a computerized system that directs every aspect of their lives, and with ruthless efficiency eliminates everything that it considers a threat. As the Mu, human with telepathic powers forced to live on the run, who want only one thing: to return to the Earth...

Golden Kamui 18
Of Satoru Noda
€ 6,90

The manga won the Osamu Tezuka Cultural Prize of 2018! While the group of Sugimoto continues in the treasure hunt, is aware of new details about the past of Kiroranke and Sofia. In the meantime, Kadokura and Kiraush you put on the trail of a dangerous fugitive...

Monster Girl 11 (out of 14)
Of Kazuki Funatsu
€ 6,00

Havoc in Akihabara! Action, fan service and shows up between the adorable and the frightening: the perfect fusion between Monster Musume and Tokyo Ghoul! The leader of the G-Hound, Yugo, bursts out in the middle of a confrontation with Tsurugi and pierces Yatsuki. When the cry of Rokka rises to the sky, the boy awakens the blood of the protector. Out of control, Yatsuki ends to trample in his fury of all that surrounds them. Will Rokka and the other to return it back as before?

The Siren Cannibal (7) (7)
Hiroshi And Noda, Takahiro Wakamatsu
€ 6,00

After the Dungeon Food, a new fun manga to readers, the foodie! The tears are now exhausted, but the water continues to fall. What will be the fate for the brutal princess Was devouring his friends?! Here is the last sparkling volume on the hilarious moral dilemmas and the delicious recipes of the mermaid gourmet!

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