J-POP, outputs from the manga of 4 March 2020


Published on Feb 28, 2020


Act-Age 1
of Tatsuya Matsuki, and Shiro Usazaki
€ 5,90

Directly from the pages of Shonen Jump, the magazine of The Promised Neverland, comes the manga success in the cinema! Kei Yonagi is an aspiring actress, a poor barrel and with a little brother and a little sister to look after.
The luck runs on his side when the director Kuroyama gets caught by his method of interpretation, full of empathy, identification and... potentially destructive. With his help, will Kei to become a movie star? Only with the first edition, exclusive dust jacket in acetate and bookmark the “film”!

Marginal 1 of 5
Moto Hagio
€ 12,50

Humanity has been devastated by an apocalypse biochemistry that has erased the female gender from the face of the Earth. A few cities that are inhabited exclusively by men are still stumbling over the centuries thanks to the genes of a single woman survived, from which, in the laboratory, are generated the new children. A status quo that is swept away by a dark plot that will weave the stories of three men lost in a world that seeks not to die...

The Cats in the Louvre 2 of 2
Taiyo Matsumoto
€ 20,00

By the author of the Sunny and Tekkon Kinkreet, a book of poetry all in color and in a large format, with hard cover! A guide to the Louvre, tired of dragging tourists bored in front of the mona lisa, he discovers a colony of cats and other strange creatures that inhabit the building, and that will cause them to live in a completely new and magical one of the temples of the culture of the world. A powerful work by the charm of the surreal, that drags the reader into the magnificent atmosphere of the parisian museum. For all the fans of the cats... and not!

Radiation House 4
of Tomohiro Yokomaku, Taishi Mori
€ 6,50

The manga doctor who explores the illnesses that are invisible to the human eye! Hirono continues to make mistakes, and is beginning to lose confidence in herself, until a friendship with the patient Mitsuki Sakamoto, she went to the polyclinic for a shoulder pain that prevents you from playing. With the objective of helping the new friend, Hirono will give the best of himself to allow her to return to performing with his band for the last concert!

Ballad X Opera 5 of 5
of Tatsuya Matsuki, Shiro Usazaki
€ 5,90

Remembering the past, Haruto felt a indescribable fear, and, to return everything like before, he wants to reap the souls of the sinners as soon as possible. But his desire remains unfulfilled, and the god of death that sleeps inside of him takes possession of his body, showing himself to be ruthless and without scruples. What will Shiro and Kuro to prevent the tragedy? Here you are at the final stages of the hunt for the sinners!

The Spirits of the House Momochi 16 of 16
Aya Shouoto
€ 4,40

The last volume! A few days after the furious battle with Kasha, Aoi lives with Himari a moment in the summer. The next awakening of the girl, however, is gone, leaving only a piece of paper with written: “Goodbye”, while the house Momochi begins to collapse. The guy will it really be gone? And what will you do Himari, she is left alone?

Golden Kamui 19
of Satoru Noda
€ 6,90

The great success of the anime on crunchyroll the second season! The manga won the Osamu Tezuka Cultural Prize of 2018! The action and twists non-stop this nineteenth volume. Who is actually the faceless?! Hurry and find out!

Servamp 14
Tanaka Strike
€ 4,90

A shonen fantasy already become souls, a mix between action and fun! When Mahiru Shirota picks up a black cat from the road, not imagine that his “pet” is in reality... a Servamp, a vampire servant! And do not imagine because the contract that binds him to Kuro's going to put him in danger!

Sword Art Online Project Alicization 3
of Reki Kawahara, Koutaro Yamada
€ 6,90

The Manga of the fourth story arc in the universe of Sao! In the mysterious virtual world called “Underworld”, Kirito makes friends with a guy NPC named Eugeo. The two, to save the friend Selka, facing a patrol of Goblins infiltrated by the Dark Territory, but Eugeo is seriously injured! In the real world, meanwhile, Asuna sets out in search of the beloved, convinced that his disappearance is the responsibility of the bureaucrat Kikuoka.

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