J-POP, outputs from the manga of 4 December 2019


Published on Nov 29, 2019


Hell's Paradise – Jigokuraku 2
of Yuji Kaku
€ 5,90

Opponents, bloodthirsty, demonic monsters, betrayals and explosive action: one shonen that will leave your mouth open! Landed on an island considered by many to be a paradise, Gabimaru and the cut heads Sagiri find themselves instead in a place that is sinister and mysterious, where you face strange monsters and ruthless sentenced to death. Will be able to find the elixir of life for the shogun and to leave from this hell?

The Girl Burned 4 of 4
of Kantetsu, Yu Satomi
€ 6,00

A psychological thriller that will make you accapponnare the skin! Although dominated by the desire to die, Kaname, Shiina and Kaede come to the point to form an unusual love triangle. But the happy moments are bound to end and the death reappeared overwhelming in their life... The love story steeped in madness and horror is about to reach its conclusion.

Pokémon: The Great Adventure 16
of Hidenori Society, Satoshi Yamamoto
€ 8,50

The Team Galaxy proceeds merciless towards the next part of the plan to steal the three legendary Pokémon who live in the three great lakes of Sinnoh! Will Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum save Uxie, Mesprit, and Azelf? Based on the famous video games of Pokémon Diamond and Pokémon Pearl, continues the long journey in the amazing region of Sinnoh!

Persona5 2
of Atlus, Hisato Murasaki
€ 5,90

The manga taken from the famous video game Atlus, hits of 2018! Akira and Ryuji decide to steal the Treasure from the Palace of Suguru Kamoshida, the physical education teacher, to persuade him to repent. Thanks to the power of the spirit of rebellion called “Person”, you go into the Palace of the professor... But just when it seems that they have had success in the company, are discovered. Will they pass the counter-attack?

The Clan Of Poe 2 of 2
Moto Hagio
€ 15,00

Between gothic horror and weaves a romantic, comes the definitive edition of a great classic! In a village surrounded by mist, where the air is drenched in blood and the perfume of the rose, lives the Clan of Poe: beings mysterious with the gift of eternal life and a secret to protect. The incompatibility of their nature with that of human beings results in a tragedy that will bring Edgar and Allan to leave for an eternal trip to Europe in search of the very meaning of existence.

Osamu Tezuka – A Life cartoon 3 of 4
Toshio Ban, Tezuka Productions
€ 10,90

In OSAMUSHI COLLECTION comes the story of Osamu Tezuka! The life of one of the greatest storytellers ever becomes a manga! Toshio Ban, the historical assistant of the master, that is, in the comics the exceptional life of the one who is known to history as the “God of Manga”, who proves to be the inventor of worlds and unforgettable characters since the first volume. Across a span of sixty years, the story becomes also a mirror of the evolution of manga from its origins to its contemporary form.

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