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Published on Jun 21, 2019


On the occasion of the visit to the exhibition, The Citi Exhibition of Manga exhibition at the British Museum in London Jacopo Costa Buranelli, director of the literary and Georgia Cocchi Pontalti, marketing manager, announced via the social channels of the publishing house, the new securities and provided
further details on the Osamushi Collection dedicated to the god of manga Osamu Tezuka and the Moto Hagio Collection, announced at last year's Napoli Comicon

The Osamushi Collection will host in the coming months Osamu Tezuka: A Life in Comics, the re-edition of the Phoenix, The Big X, Ambassador Magma, Prime Rose and Clockwork Apple, among other titles.

The Moto Hagio Collection, will be inaugurated a new song, The Heart of Thomas, followed by Marginal, Other World Barbara, Hanshin, Star Red and The Family of Poe.

Below are the titles and the synopsis of the titles announced:

The Heart of Thomas
Moto Hagio
We are launching with this classic title, 1974 the Moto Hagio Collection, dedicated to this master of manga, considered to be among the most influential of the story, beloved by the public, although until now few of his manga have arrived in our Country.
As The Poem of the Wind and The Trees, the Heart of Thomas is the story of a group of boys in a boys school. The suicide of one of them, Thomas, followed by a letter in which he professes his love for his best friend, will reveal a masterful weave of intrigue, betrayals, and hidden feelings that lead the protagonists to wonder about love and its forms.

Black Night Parade
Hikaru Nakamura
The return of the author of Saint Young Man! After failing the university entrance exam, Hino Miharu is forced to find a real job. Having spent the last three years trapped in a part-time without hope, with a head and ugly young colleagues who make fun of her, now want the job of his dreams... And maybe it will be the mysterious “Black Santa” to get that to them! Or maybe not? The “Black
Enterprise” of the self-styled Santa Claus dark proves to be a company like no other in the world, from which leave, it seems impossible!

Radiation House
of Tomohiro Yokumako, Taishi Mori
You think only the doctors pulling on the brilliant diagnosis? To help them, and to study every inch of the human body with their machines are the radiologists, the professionals who must be equipped with the intuition and eye of the hawk. Iori Igarashi is the best of all, even if his inability to manage the egos of the doctors, the conviction to turn the hospital into the hospital... Until she finds herself working under an old flame! It will be the turning point? Or the tension between them will make collaboration impossible? A bit of Dr. House and a little Grey's Anatomy, " this medical drama will win you over with its characters and the cases are realistic and exciting!

17 Years
of Seiji Fuji, Youji Kamata
Hiroki and Takashi are two high school students, are saved from the assault of some of the bullies from the famous thug Miyamoto, and becoming part of his band. After the initial excitement, the two find themselves involved in the crimes are always very serious and are beginning to understand what it means to demonstrate obedience and loyalty to their brutal rescuer. Until the band does not take Sachiko, a young student that their friend, who becomes the object of the most horrible torture on the part of Miyamoto... Will Sachiko to return home? What kind of people, or monsters, they will become Hiroki and Takashi? A story that is a real punch in the stomach, based on a terrible true story that shocked Japan in the late Eighties.

By junji Ito Collection: the Labyrinth, the Ruined and the Circus
by junji Ito
Continues the series of anthologies dedicated to the most well-known exponent of the manga horror by junji Ito! With three volumes, rich in stories, terrifying and surprising that will satisfy fans of any type of horror: from body-horror to the terror of cosmic, from ancient curses to the insane murders unstoppable, story after story Ito confirmation from a master that to the amount of pages produced by combining a quality out-of-scale.

The Earth And
Keiko Takemiya
While at the end of the ‘70s changed the face of comics for girls with The Poem of the Wind and the Trees, Keiko Takemiya was also working on works of fiction that have received the most important prizes in the world of manga and literature sci-fi in general: the Earth E. In the future, the human race, to escape to a Land more and more polluted, has expanded into the cosmos, yielding, however, the control of the company, the powerful supercomputer. The machines direct every aspect of their lives, and with ruthless efficiency to eliminate everything that they deem a threat. As the Mu, humans with extraordinary powers who are forced to live on the run and have only one desire: to return to Earth. The young Jomy is one of them...

Kitaro, the Stories of Terror
Shigeru Mizuki
After the first collection, the fall will bring many new stories of the legendary yokai created by Shigeru Mizuki! Tales of the frightening and funny, surreal and rich in japanese folklore, who have left an indelible imprint on the japanese imagery (and not only, thanks to the many animated series)!

Hellsing – New Edition
of Kohta Hirano
Returns, magazine & correct and in a new graphic, the explosive series based on vampires, conflicts, age-old secrets, and fights to the last drop of blood! At the service of Lady Hellsing and Her Majesty the queen of England, the not-dead Alucard hunting down the most dangerous enemies of the kingdom, in a struggle in the darkness goes on and on from the beginning of time. But the gears are in motion and, with a new sidekick at his side, the powerful vampire will find bread for his teeth!

Novel of Neverland – A Letter from Norman
Nano, Kaiu Shirai, Posuka Demizu
The first light novel spin-off of The Promised Neverland! In this novel enriched by illustrations unpublished discover details never told in the manga and in the anime of the life of Norman, Emma and Ray before the events that give the start to the series. Happy days at Grace Field House, the first shadows on the apparent paradise, the relationships and the friendships between the guys... As a farm works of excellence that provides the best meat to the demons? It will be the voice of Norman to tell us about it!

The Phoenix
by Osamu Tezuka
Begun in 1956 and continued several times until 1988, shortly before his death, the saga of the Phoenix is a true and proper summa of the ideal of the manga (and history) of Osamu Tezuka. And the effort is monumental, ranging from the distant past to the recent years of human civilization, following in the footsteps of the legendary bird able to reincarnate and ensure immortality. Presenting dozens of episodes, exciting, romantic, epic and full of action but also of philosophical reflections and the meaning of History, his twelve volumes (readable individually by the very nature episodic) are served to the master and to experience solutions, narrative and graphic avant-garde, giving the body a work of art that few other transmits the passion and the inspiration of the author.

Even if We Can't Use Magic
of Kanna Kii
Kanna Kii is one of the young authors, the most interesting parts of the scene in the manga, and this anthology of modern style and dynamic is the proof! A guy who point blank he leaves his job in an animation studio, a cat animated by a desire unfathomable, two girls on school trips that end in a concert of Idol... At the center of the lens of the cartoonist are the days of a group of friends and other
people (and strange animals) that crossed the road, told with style, slice of life, surreal and a little bit of magic.

To Dream of Cuckoos
of Tamekou
He made his debut in Italy a new star of the panorama yaoi, Tamekou!
The university Natsuka is in love with his best friend, Hakushima. But they prefer not to share this last of this, and it folds then on a “friend with benefits” to her needs more... land. This until the lives of his love, and his bed partner do not collide in an unexpected way and, including the exchange of bodies and minds that are shared, you form a triangle explosive and sensual!

Nega & Posi
of Harada




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