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Published on Oct 18, 2017


Is started the countdown to the Lucca Comics and Games in 2017 in the house J-POP. The label manga Edizioni BD has in store a series of initiatives to move the festival in tuscany, to all fans of the series that the public — including guests, events and news with an exclusive preview.

We already know that will be Koogi, author of the controversial Killing Stalking, and Taiyo Matsumoto, famous for his manga of the author of Tekkon Kinkreet and Sunny, the japanese guests invited by J-POP.

Below you will find so highlights and events news is available in preview at the booth set up in Piazza Napoleone:

Events J-POP

31 October

Lucca Preview Night in Feltrinelli (Milan)
(Feltrinelli Duomo 18:30 – 20:30)
A meeting with Taiyo Matsumoto and Antonio Serra. Moderator: Francesca Scotti. At the end of the meeting, the Teacher will sign a limited number of volumes for the present.

1 November

The Fantastic World Tatsunoko – (Showcase with Werther dell'edera)
(Sala Tobino – 15:00 – 16:00)
J-POP, Manga Presents a preview at Lucca Comics & Games, “The Fantastic World Tatsunoko”, a book celebrating the 55th anniversary of the legendary Tatsunoko Production. Involved Werther dell'edera and Fabrizio Modina. Features: Jacopo Costa Buranelli.

J-POP Manga Show!
(In The Auditorium Of Saint Jerome – 16:00/17:15)
This year, the conference is a J-POP Manga turns into a show full of novelties, surprises, and loot for all! Are you ready to welcome the 2018? We are waiting for you! #WeAreManga

2 November

Press Café with Taiyo Matsumoto
(12:00 – 13:00)
Meeting of Master Matsumoto with the accredited journalists at Lucca Comics & Games

Tour of the Exhibition with Taiyo Matsumoto
Master Matsumoto accompanies 10 lucky participants on a guided tour of his personal show. All the details will be communicated on the page Facebook of JPOP Manga.

3 November

Taiyo Matsumoto and the creation of the table (Professional Workshop)
(Room Pro Agora – 11:00 – 12:30)
Master Matsumoto will lead a workshop with fans and students delving into the technical elements and style of their work and answering questions of the participants.

Tea with Koogi!
(Top Secret Location – 17:00-18:00)
A private event for only 10 lucky fans! To participate, all the details will be communicated on the page Facebook of J-POP Manga

4 November

Showcase with Taiyo Matsumoto
(Si8 – Showcase Sala Tobino – 14:00-15:00)
Sixty minute face to face with the sensei Taiyo Matsumoto, the author of the Sunny (Winner of the Gran Guinigi in 2016) and Tekkonkinkreet, a preview of the Lucca 2017.

Preview J-POP

With Sunny, winner in 2016 of the Shogakukan Manga Award, and the Gran Guinigi, Tekkon Kinkreet (an Eisner Award in 2006) is the manga's most famous Taiyo Matsumoto, and finally arrives in Italy, in a prestigious edition all-in-one. Set in a japanese city imaginary controlled by ruthless business men, and crowds in his
relentless dynamic yet incredibly realistic, the manga became an animated film awarded to “Oscar Japanese” recounts the struggle for the freedom of two young orphans in search of a better future away from criminals and the oppression of the expanses of concrete.

Killing Stalking 4
A merciless victim and perpetrator, love and death. Haunted by a guy met at the university, but is too tormented to make the first move, Bum Yoon decides to enter secretly into the house of the object of his
desire... to discover the true, cruel face and becoming (voluntarily?) prisoner. Get to the end of the first season, the first printed edition in the world of Killing Stalking, the webcomic that won!

The fantastic world Tatsunoko
Sketches, illustrations, but not only: this volume is absolutely unique, it contains insights and contributions of experts, japanese and Italian on all the most popular productions of the legendary studio, Tatsunoko, by YATTERMAN to JUDO BOY to The APE MAGA. 2017 marks the 55th anniversary of the creation of the studio, and JUDO BOY, SPEED RACER, the INFINI-T FORCE and in this volume they are our gifts to the many Italian fans!

Pokemon Gold and Silver
The first set of Pokémon – Grade Adventure, with the adventures manga of the monsters pocket Nintendo, guided by Pikachu, he has conquered thousands of readers reprint after reprint. Now comes the direct sequel, three new volumes in Italy, collected in a box in order to discover other 100 Pokémon, a world to explore and three new protagonists: Gold, Silver, and Crystal, young coaches with the goal of becoming champions!

Ten Count
A new series by the teacher of the boys love Rihito Takarai! A boy, suffering from a phobia that prevents him from having any kind of contact with other human beings, receives the offer of help of a mysterious psychotherapist who would like to assist him in his return to the normality... but what are his true motives? What drives him
to get closer to him?

Before The Ring, before The Grudge, the aesthetics and the atmosphere of horror, the japanese were designed by Tomie by junji Ito, the debut of the man who would later become the mangaka symbol of the J-Horror. Tomie, the beautiful, and cruel, he goes out to meet a horrible end at the hands of her classmates, and that smembrano his body.
But, the following day, the girl reappears as if nothing had happened at school, giving way to a spiral of madness, death and terror. In the homeland, Tomie is now a work of worship, inserted in the canon of the literature of horror. It is time that the italians have been conquered and rabbrividiscano...

Atom: The Beginning
After Pluto, a new re-reading of the myth of Tetsuwan Atom (Astro Boy), the historical manga of Osamu Tezuka! Tenma and Ochanomizu, the future creators of Astro Boy are still two of the students, the pioneers of artificial intelligence. But the authorities seem to want to smother in blood the birth of the first robot sentient, especially after a mysterious accident that we all seem to want to forget...

Dynamic Heroes Box
The All-Star Team of heroes Go Nagai! When a new threat endangers Earth, Grendizer, Devilman, Cutie Honey, Mazinger Z, and Getter Robot must fight together to sventarla! The creations most popular and famous of master Nagai are the stars of this mini-series collection in a collector box, not to be missed
for true fans and for those who grew up with their animated adventures.

Infinity Force
When an innocent is in danger...The small Emi, that ended up in the middle of a robbery, you want to with all his strength that a hero appears to save her... and her prayers are answered! But it is not only a hero to come to her rescue, but four: Ken the Eagle, Tekkaman, Hurricane Polymar and Casshern! The legendary heroes anime
Tatsunoko, gathered together for the first time on paper to form the superteam the most extraordinary ever seen in Japan. In the fifty-fifth anniversary of Tatsunko Pro comes the manga that gives a new life to the stars of the action created by the studio, and in the fall will become an animated series!

Re: Zero-Novel 2
The new life of Subaru in the fantasy world in which you woke up comes to a turning point, and begins what is perhaps the saga and the most beloved by many fans of the anime. Armed with the power to go back to a “starting point” every time he goes to meet death (that is often), as the protagonist of a videogame, the boy is now in a mysterious villa. At his side, the camerierine twin Rem and Ram, which under the aspect harmless hidden powers not to be underestimated...

Re: Zero Manga Box 2
The second mini-series manga to the phenomenon of Re:Zero! Just finished the first cycle of deaths and resurrections that have led him to better understand his new ability to “rewind” time, Subaru wakes up in a villa mysterious where he is cared for by the witch Emilia and two gemelline who are hiding a secret... New threats and the extraordinary
enemies overwhelm our unfortunate protagonist.

SAO Phantom Bullet 2
After the success of the Aincrad and Fairy Dance, the third story arc of Sword Art Online is back in the form of manga. Kirito must dive into a new virtual reality videogame mass Gun Gale Online, in disguise and flanked by beautiful sniper Otherwise, the guy will have to hunt for a murderer whose actions have repercussions on the real world... before they end up in the crosshairs of this last one is him!

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