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Published on Nov 02, 2019


To follow, from the official press release of the publishing house, the details of the new manga announced by J-POP in Lucca Comics and Games 2019:


The princess Sapphire
by Osamu Tezuka
volume 3 full
expected release, February 2020
“No land can be inherited by a woman, but all the earth belongs to the sons!” reads as an article in the lex salica, which seems to have inspired this masterpiece of a manga.
Considered the first manga on the theme of gender, The Princess Sapphire tells the story of a
the future queen was born with the body of a girl but with the heart of a boy, in a fairy tale world hard and severe, where it will be necessary to save the justice.

Princess sapphire – knights cufflinks
by Osamu Tezuka
a single volume
expected output, July 2020
The long-awaited and unreleased sequel of the saga Sapphire, has become queen and two twins valiant as heirs. The defence of the kingdom, and freedom will be given to these two guys, a male and a female, driven by a unique destiny.

The Scalpel and the Sword: the incredible story of Ryoan Tezuka (Hidamari no ki)
by Osamu Tezuka
volume 6 complete
expected release, march 2020
The historical memory of Tezuka recounts the years of his ancestor: Ryoan Tezuka, a doctor of the 1800's that has experienced a strong period of isolation of Japan. In parallel, the life of the
samurai Ibuya Manjiro, faithful to the shogunate, runs in fear for the stranger, and for the opening up of national borders. A historical and dramatic, which belongs directly to the past of the great Osamushi.

The farm of the humans and other science fiction stories
by Osamu Tezuka
a single volume
expected release, September, 2020
A special collection of short stories, never published in Italy, which collects the short stories of
science fiction the most intriguing of the work of Tezuka, made in the years ‘60.

Black Jack
by Osamu Tezuka
volume 15 complete
expected release, September, 2020
One of the most famous, the obscure and dramatic characters created by the genius of Tezuka. The sinister doctor Black Jack, with his assistant Pinoko, go back to relive in the pages of this deluxe edition of 15 volumes full of all the stories that have made the noir Osamushi.


Beyond the clouds, the place promessoci (novel)
Makoto Shinkai
a single volume
After the great success of Your Name and Weathering with You, the Makoto Shinkai collection
enriches of the other novels that will tie it to his works the most famous movie. The novel of Beyond the Clouds, the place promessoci tells a different outcome of the Second World War, where Japan is divided into two parts, one under the control of the United States and one tied to the Soviet Union. In the nineties, the country gets together and only the archipelago of Hokkaido remains Russian, where a secret base is to be built.

Journey to Agartha (novel)
Makoto Shinkai
a single volume
After 5 cm per Second-Makoto Shinkai creates another great film that is
focuses on the fantasy world and the adventure that two young explorers will have
face to take home to their loved ones. This is the novel written and inspired during the
the making of the film.

Tokyo After Hours
of Yuhta Nishio
volume 3 (box set)
expected release: April 2020
Love, romance, and music. In the world of the underground clubs of Tokyo two girls
meet with the passion of the disks, the obsession with collecting and the desire to break through
as a dj. The nightlife of Tokyo will make you fall in love. A wonderful mini series theme yuri.


Demon Tune
Yuki Kodama
volume 4 (box set)
expected release: June 2020
By the author of Blood Lad, a new miniseries that combines the action shonen with fantasy. The meeting between a ninja and a fairy will be the spark to bring about a new legendary adventure full of fighting blood monsters and incredible. From the pages of Jump SQ, the magazine adrenaline of Shueisha!

009 Re:Cyborg
of Gato Aso and Shotaro Ishinomori
volume 6 complete
expected release: February 2020
After telling in a beautiful complete edition of the adventures of the team, cyborg and more
famous manga, after having completed the saga in the main with the epilogue, God's War, we are
ready to dive into this wonderful series an alternative that traces the lives of the heroes of Ishinomori, in a redesign modern thanks to the talents of Gato Aso!

of Masashi Tanaka
volume 3
expected release: Spring 2020
Character Tekken, evil mascot, king of the wild jungle! Even before humans populated this earth, there was the one and only bully... his name is Gon! Finally back in a deluxe edition of the mini-dinosaur of the most beloved of Japan, created by the brilliant Masashi Tanaka: the only original and inimitable GON!


Letters to myself – my first time 2
of Kabi Nagata
a single volume
expected release: January 2020
The author of The My First Time (manga winner in the category “Best Series of Foreign” Awards Boscarato 2019 Treviso) Kabi Nagata returns to talk about herself with self-deprecating humor and emotional strength. The success of the previous book, it is one thing to be happy, but it has in the life of the author of a series of new challenges. In this personal journal, Kabi Nagata the faces, one by one, trying to find an answer to the greatest question of his generation: What it means to be an adult?
Live alone, handle the success, but above all, accept themselves, and learn to love each other
seem to be impossible missions for a girl with her self-esteem, but if there is the will of
change, anything is possible!

Sayonara Miniskirt
Aoi Makino
volume 2, in progress.
expected release: Fall 2020
“It is not for types like you that the girls are wearing the skirt!”
Although published in a magazine, shojo, Sayonara Miniskirt Aoi Makino is a japanese manga series that tackles important topics and for different types of readers. The high school student and former idol Nina Kamiyama is the only girl in school to wear the pants of the uniform of the male instead of the skirt. Leads a life in school, isolated and taciturn, until the professors spread the warning that a suspect, likely armed, stands in the surroundings of the school, endangering the students. In the mind of Nina re-emerges the trauma that finally decides to confront, to be able to return to be free to be a girl, in any shape you desire and out of any scheme can be imposed. From Ribon to Shueisha, a contemporary work of art and required.

Metamorphosis BL (Metamorphoses to Engawa)
Kaori Tsurutani
volume 3 in the course
expected release: Summer 2020
The winner of the famous prize Kono Manga Ga Sugoi, this work is a curious and particular lands
finally in Italy. The friendship between two people, even very different among them, can bloom for reasons unthinkable. And in the case of a woman of seventy-five years, in a torrid day of summer finds herself in the library in front of a shelf chock-full of comics of a genre that had never heard of, and committed teenager that will help you navigate through this new shared passion: the Boy's Love. A story that destroys any barrier and prejudice, bringing two generations of women in a mix of moving and delicate.

of Daruma Matsura
volume 14 ended
expected release: May 2020
A manga of worship in 14 volumes nominated for the eighth Manga Taisho!
Kasane is a girl with the face disfigured, and from the life he has received only abuse and derision.
Only his mother has left a useful gift before dying: a lipstick that allows you to
steal, literally, the face to the people that will be able to kiss, giving in exchange his disfigured face. Finally free from his disgusting appearance, and anxious to give vent to the resentment harbored for years, particularly in respect of the persons, “beautiful”, Kasane thus begins his race to revenge, running on the thin line that separates it from madness.A disturbing story, drawn masterfully by Daruma Matsura.


Love Stage
of Eiki Eiki, Zaou Taishi
7 volumes, complete set
expected release: March 2020
Izumi seems destined, from birth, to work in the Show Business. His mother is a famous actress, his father a musician, and even his brother has a band in the top of the charts. He, however, is... different. The lights of the stage, prefer to draw girls “moe” in his bedroom, in the hope of making it as a mangaka... well, he's an Otaku! The profession of the family, however, does not forgive, and he is forced to participate in the remake of a advertising in which he had recited as a child. There, he meets Ryoma, his co-star, who since then has never stopped looking for you! Single detail? Izumi was dressed as a child in the advertising. It will be a problem for Ryoma discover that his first love was actually a boy?!

Scarlet Berico
a single volume
expected release: January
From the pen of Scarlet Beriko, one of the authors Boy's Love more and more requests, comes a love story unconventional! Keisuke and Masayuki are friends




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