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Published on Nov 02, 2017


Below, from the official press release of the publishing house, the detail of the securities manga announced by J-POP in Lucca Comics and Games 2017:

Lucca Comic & Games, J-Pop, Manga, Show, the milanese publishing house announces the first sixteen novelty of 2018.

Lucca, November 1, 2017: the new hit coming from the pages of Weekly Shonen Jump that a year from the debut has already sold two million copies in Japan. The Promised Neverland of Kaiu Shirai, Posuka Demizu tells the story of Emma, Norman and Ray. The three children live happily since birth in an orphanage, surrounded by a dense forest. But what happens when it is adopted?

Koogi, however, was the big surprise in 2017 and will continue to impress next year with his Killing Stalking. The Italian readers will be the first in the world to read on the paper the second season. Now Yoon Bum and Sangwoo are bound by the secret of blood, we just have to find out. And speaking of blood, always from Lezhin will arrive in Italy Blood Bank of Silb in a paper format, this also Killing the Stalking is a world-first all-Italian.

The history of humanity is complicated and knows it well Go Nagai that for J-Pop, Manga, the next year comes with Devilman Saga and a news disarming: the earth can only be saved if you come to terms with the demons. Who knows how it will end. Meanwhile, Makoto Shinkai comes back with Your name, another side: earthbound, a light novel where the adventure of Taki and Mitsuha is told from the point of view of the relatives and friends of the girl. For J-Pop Manga also Made in the Abyss of Akihito Tsukushi; the manga that inspired the anime revelation of 2017.

The full list of ads of J-POP Manga.

of Yuya Kurokami, Karuna Kanzaki
The school is a war in this manga is already become an animated series. When Nomura Fudo, expelled from high school for a fight, he discovers that his new school is controlled by a group of beautiful girls called “The Five Swords Supreme” that terrorize male students, decides to oppose them by any means!

of Silb
After Killing Stalking, another webcomic of huge success coming from Korea, arrives for the first time in the world on paper. In a world where vampires control the lives of human beings in the banks of blood, the “blood bank”, are an essential service and is in one of these working One. That seems to be able to resist the dark allure of the bloodsuckers. Until it receives the visit of the Shell, the son of a prominent vampire who proves to be deeply interested in him...

of Nozomu Tamaki
The final edition to the wildly popular manga today unfinished in Italy. After millennia in the darkness, the century-old Princess of the vampires, Mina Tepes (the ruthless creature from the innocent looks of a girl) decides to reveal the existence of his people to the world and to buy gold as a safe haven in Japan. The seven maxi-volumes of the bloody crescendo of spectacular violence by the sensual colours, bright red.

Go Nagai
The new manga written and drawn by Go Nagai, which revisits the timeless myth of Devilman! The true history of humanity comes to light when scientist Yuki Fudo, to work on the ancient and mysterious technology of the Demon Armor, he discovers that only a compromise with the race of Demons can save the Earth! The characters and the themes that have made it big the first go Nagai, a new and exciting adventure.

of Hero, Daisuke Hagiwara
A romantic comedy for girls and boys that have loved Toradora! Kyoko Hori, a school, is a student, model and fashion was admired by all. Izumi Miyamura is a boy, shy and bespectacled deemed to be an otaku without particular signs. But both bring ahead even secret lives that will eventually cross paths, resulting in the two misunderstandings, unexpected situations and dramas that involve their group of friends.

of Ryoko Kui
An anthology from the author of the amazing manga fantasy Dungeon Food. Seven tales set in worlds similar to our own, between the middle ages and the modern era, in which the presence of magical creatures and extraordinary, giving life to the stories unforgettable.

Akiko Higashimura
The winner of the awards for the Manga Taisho and the Japan Media Arts Festival, this autobiographical work in five volumes, recounts the journey undertaken by the author to fulfil his dream of becoming a manga artist. By meeting with an austere professor of drawing, which will change the life, the strenuous years of “double life” (used of the day, cartoonist by the uncertain future of the night), until the first success. A valuable witness.

of Koogi
The big surprise of 2017 could not continue with the second season. And, again, readers in italy will be the first in the world to read it on paper. Now Bum and Sangwoo are bound by the secret of blood, but how can two personality disturbed as their live?

of Akihito Tsukushi
The manga that inspired the anime revelation of 2017, the most loved by critics on three continents. On the brink of the Abyss, an abyss seemingly endless, which for centuries have been fascinated by the humanity, the small Rico is committed to follow the footsteps of her mother, a famous adventurer reached depths never reached before. One day, during one of his explorations in the most “easy” of the Abyss, Rico is Reg, a guy who in reality is a very advanced (and powerful) to be artificial. Where is it coming from? And as it is related to the mysteries of the Abyss and its inhabitants, which proved to be more dangerous, merciless and deadly as Rico had imagined? A manga from the appearance of the deceptively childlike, for readers who are more courageous.

of Kazuki Funatsu
A fun and exciting shonen between Monster Musume and Tokyo Ghoul, full of beautiful girls and fights. Yakki has a job and does not have a girlfriend. He has, however, a skill: to see the spirits. An ability that causes mostly problems, but that allows him to know the busty Rokka, catapulting you into a world of power struggles between demons, secret organizations... and fanservice!

of Kaiu Shirai, Posuka Demizu
The new hit coming from the pages of Weekly Shonen Jump (Dragon Ball, One Piece), that one year on from the debut has already sold two million copies in Japan.
Emma, Norman and Ray live happily since birth in an orphanage, surrounded by a dense forest, cared for by a loving “mom”. Their illusion of normalcy falls apart when they discover what really happens to those who leave the house to be “adopted”, and what's behind it is the wall that delimits the forest: the kids do not remains that wits to try to escape. Begins a deadly game of cat and mouse!

The book of recipes and tips, perfect for the whole family, for cooking your own meals (japanese and not only) favorite sauce Pokémon. Potatoes, Meowth, ramen to the Pikachu...

Kenji Tsuruta
A new volume unique, surprising, and sensual, from a renowned author already had a great following in Italy. Imari, a girl who loves cats and walking (but a lot less clothes), lives in a Venice dream, where the mist hides the alleys in which they can happen, made, strange.

of Yuuki Kamatani
A slice of life about the daily challenges of young people of the LGBT community in the Japan of today, illustrated with grace and power. Tasuku, just arrived in a new school, it is immediately labeled as “gay” and taunted. The boy reacts by denying, even to himself, his true nature. But in the darkest moment comes across a group of people who lives similar to his.

of Harada
With Yatamomo arrives for the first time in Italy Harada, the author of the yaoi and more demand from the public! Momo is a parasite without shame, ready to take advantage of his good looks (and the next). Yata is a nice guy and caring, unable to say no. Begins a comedy yaoi with a high rate erotic!

Makoto Shinkai, Arata Kanoh, Masayoshi Tanaka
Makoto Shinkai, the author of the novel (and the film's director of record), Your Name, returns to enrich the world of his masterpiece. In this light novel, the story is accompanied by illustrations. The extraordinary and touching adventure of Taki and Mitsuha is told from the point of view of the relatives and friends of the girl, witnesses of its quirks, but unaware of the “exchange of souls and hearts,” which sees the two young protagonists

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