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Published on Apr 27, 2019


of Yuji Kaku
The dreaded ninja Gabimaru, considered to be unbeatable, awaits in prison the arrival of an executioner can kill him. In him the desire to get it over with now seems to be stronger than the desire to fight, but the proposal of the executioner Asaemon awaken in him the fury of a time: the opportunity to return to live with his wife, the only light in his life, if you will accept to venture into a magical land and lethal to recover the secret of eternal life for the shogun!
Between opponents, bloodthirsty, demonic monsters, betrayals and explosive action, this series will leave your mouth open!

of Kantetsu, Yuu Satomi
Kaname Aizawa lives a life difficult, low-to-school and hampered by serious problems between the walls of the house. Everything starts to change when he accidentally bumps into Shiina Hinami, girl from the perfect image and popular at school. While helping Shiina to collect her things scattered around, Kaname accidentally open his secret diary and is thus in contact with the unsuspected dark side of the companion, between the two students was born, little by little, a morbid bond. In a school more and more impregnated by the smell of death, what will be the future of the
two guys?

of Sugaru Miaki, Shouichi Taguchi
After your name., a new touching tv mini-series of three volumes that charm mixed supernatural and the power of feelings.
A man without prospects for the future, discovers a strange shop that buys years of life from the people in exchange for money. Convinced that they have nothing to lose, the boy accepts the exchange, leaving only three months of life, that will go followed by “an observer” special with whom he endured a complicated relationship...

of Aoisei, Anajiro
Three years have passed since a high school student, a victim of bullying and the indifference of his companions who stood afar off to his anguish, it blew up in his class in a suicide bombing. Now, the seven students of the survivors are gathered in the classroom where they had caught a glimpse of hell, on the initiative of one of them, Takumi Shindou, who, from the day of the tragedy, is dedicated to investigate on who has supplied the explosive to the non-perpetrator. A search that led him to a conclusion with a dramatic and unexpected...

of Atlus, Hisato Murasaki
The adaptation of manga of the phenomenal videogame by Atlus, hits of 2018! Akira Kurusu, a teenager forced to move after being denounced by a powerful politician (in spite of themselves saving a woman harassed by the latter), discovers a mysterious app that allows you to enter a fantasy world born from the darkness in the hearts of men, and where it can use a power called “Persona”. Together with other students and a cat shape-shifter, the boy embarks on a mission: to improve the world by stealing the corrupt hearts of adults!

Kazuo Kamimura
Another masterpiece in unreleased in Italy by the master of gekiga Kazuo Kamimura.
A Kamimura able to create pages by the unique erotic (always with his class in the crystal telling of a sadistic manager of a school of ikebana, which, protected by its aura of respectability, trains, innocent girls to become sex toys for him and his powerful friends. A day between his clutches falls for the beautiful Sayuri, who soon becomes her favorite and seems destined to become the queen of her kingdom of perversion...

of Yudori
The first work of the extraordinary new author Lezhin: the Korean Yudori!
The appearance of Pandora, which is inherited from the mother, the asian has now disappeared, is centred on all, and makes it the target of the ill-will of anyone, relatives included. The invincible character and the bad relationship with his father, who was dedicated more to the alcohol that her daughter do the rest, reinforcing its status as mina's wandering, in miniature, in the good company of the United States of the NINETEENTH century. With a protagonist strong, and unforgettable, this historical drama full of friendships and love complicated, intrigue, and surprises will enchant you!

Ask Inudoh
From the pages of Harta (The Day of the Wedding, Dungeon Food), a fascinating dip in ancient Egypt.
Hatshepsut, forced originally to marry the half-brother to enable him to become pharaoh, will go down in history as a female figure, headstrong and a great queen. This is the story, rich of emotions, battles and twists, his rise to power!

On Ishida, Shin Towada
The saga manga Ken Kaneki now next ended, finally discover the events that took place before the start of the series, in this original novel, illustrated! The ghoul is a monster of a fantastic tradition that feeds on human flesh, absorbing the force of its victims. In the city of Tokyo, ghoul and humans have long lived next to each other without ever crossing. However, now we are going to establish the first contacts and, in this era prior to the creation of the district 20, will not be a meeting pleasant for humans, who will occupy the role of prey! Discover the origins and secret of the saga, Tokyo Ghoul, in an era in which the brothers and sisters Kirishima spent time together, that Rize could enjoy his meals, and in which Ken... had not yet entered the scene!

On Ishida, Shin Towada
The first light novel set during the events of Tokyo Ghoul:re! We are the best agents of team Quinx to the command of the Third Sasaki with these unpublished short stories, accompanied by illustrations of The Ishida, the author of the saga!

Taiyo Matsumoto
Yuki Tachibana, nine years old, lives in two worlds. In one, a child, a loner, teased by classmates and reprimanded by teachers because it tells the stories of supernatural beings that only he can see. In other worlds, instead, the beings that he sees as competing for power with evil spirits, bringing chaos in the school, in students ' lives and in nature itself! From the imagination of the Master Taiyo Matsumoto (Sunny, Tekkon Kinkreet), a poetic tale touching on exclusion and on growth.

For Akebi, wear the uniform from films of the prestigious Roubai Private Academy is a dream come true... And intends to live to the fullest the new life as a student of the medium, together with her friends, entering a club and making every day a whirlwind of emotions! A slice of life lovely style charming, to relive a second youth with the smile on my lips!

LINK, Kotaro Shono
The end of the world has never been so sexy! When a mysterious illness exterminate the entire male half of humanity, the only hope to avoid extinction are a handful of guys, fortunately, safe in capsules cryogenic at the time of the epidemic. They will have the hard task of repopulating the Earth, escaping the plots of dangerous factions to put their hands on their chromosomes in a world where they are the resource most desired and sought after!

of Naomichi I, Koutaro Takata
Going beyond the Sherlock tv show, here's the mini-series that brings the myth of Arthur Conan Doyle in the future! In London, the ultra high-tech, one of the wayward John Watson is asked to become the roommate of a bizarre and brilliant individual... the android Sherlock! Which cases will expect the two new friends? The soft and spectacular makes these volumes perfect for spreading with this classic among new generations!

More information about the titles dedicated to the author of The Clan of Poe, and We are 11! will be disseminated in the coming months.

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