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Published on Oct 31, 2018


In the course of the J-POP Show, Jacopo Costa Buranelli, director of the literary division manga Edizioni BD, and Georgia Cocchi Pontalti, sales and marketing director of the publishing house, announced the first titles that will arrive on the shelves of comics stores and libraries by 2019.

Before unveiling the new licenses were announced to the authors by J-POP host: Akihito Tsukushi, author of Made in the Abyss, will be published in Italian at the Comicon of Naples, and Tetsuya Tsutsui, the author of Duds Hunt and Manhole, will arrive in Italy in the Spring.

The video presentation suggests that will not be the only two guests of the publishing house in 2019.

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Below are the new licenses manga announced:

Poison City
Tetsuya Tsutsui
In 2019, the japanese government has increased its involvement in the censorship of the mass media and the approach of the Tokyo olympics to increase dramatically this effort. In this climate it becomes increasingly difficult to publish, even in the manga, the descriptions and images deemed obscene by the government.
Despite the difficulties of the period, the mangaka hibino's Mikio has just had the opportunity to publish one of her manga horror: “Dark Walker” that tells the story of how the normal people turned into cannibals during the night because of a disease. The story focuses on Mikio and his having to deal with the publishing industry shaken by the war of freedom of expression.

Tetsuya Tsutsui
In a country that the depopulation sentence to disappear, is born a ray of hope: Keita, a farmer of the place, has created a new species of fig that is making a stir throughout Japan thanks to the advice of one of the stars of the web! With the attention of the media, the local economy will start again. Keita is hoping that this renewal will re-open the school, which might convince his wife, that is part of the great city, to return to the country with their daughter.

Miyamoto Musashi
of Shotaro Ishinomori
The life of the samurai, the world's most famous (and author of The Book of Five Rings), told by a master of manga! After the defeat of his faction in a bloody battle, Musashi decides to travel to Japan from 1600 to improve his technique with the sword. In the course of the years, will give life to the fights, memorable and endless legends, becoming an important figure in the culture and entertainment of japan (and not only!).

Ryu the Guy of the Caves
of Shotaro Ishinomori
A guy different from other human beings, and driven by revenge, a primitive world where the power of the dinosaurs to lay down the law... The immortal work of Shotaro Ishinomori, became in the 70's a very popular anime, in a single volume that contains a mix of action, adventure and the themes timeless today as it was yesterday.

Cyborg 009 – conclusion – God's War
of Shotaro Ishinomori, Masato Hayase, Jo Onodera
The conclusion of the saga of the Cyborg Shotaro Ishinomori, completed according to the detailed manuscripts left by the master! The team will meet for the last time to face a new threat... Finally, even in Italy, the epilogue to a series that on paper as on the screen has been able to win over the fans!

Sore wa Tada no senpai no chinko – penis senpai
of Youichi Abe
A surreal a single volume by the spirit irreverent! The desires of the girls can be very... special. For example, want to always keep next to the penis of the boy is loved, as a funny pet. Fortunately (?) in this bizarre world almost identical to ours, the appendix cut continues to “live” its own life, and the poor unfortunate it ricrescerà a new one! Get ready for a surprise!

Kinoko Ningen No Kekkon (the Mushroom Girls in Love)
Kei Murayama
In a savage planet that has a race of women-the mushroom humanoid, love is a serious thing! The marriage between two girls belonging to two different tribes unleash plots, rivalries, relationships and a riot of action! With encyclopedic precision, Kei Murayama (Centaur''s Life) creates a realistic world, fascinating and complex as the background for his love story & political intrigue.

Yarichin Bitch Club
Tanaka Ogeretsu
A new overwhelming yaoi of a beloved mistress of the genre, have already become the souls! Toono, just arrived in a new school for boys between the mountains, he must decide which club to register... And in the end chose the photography club, also known as “Yarichin Bitch Club” to the presence of so many extraordinary (and fascinating) senpai. Immediately in the crosshairs of some of these, his new life as a high schooler promises to be appetizing...

The Clinic of Love
Haruka Inui
A classic of the manga erotic-insane in its definitive edition in large format! If you have a problem of a sexual nature, which port knocking is that of Clinical of the love of the doctor Sawaru Ogekurie: assisted by nurse busty Ruko, this brilliant (and saving silverman) luminary will manage to solve every case, whether it is of strange fetishes as impotenze sudden, using therapies “alternatives” in which the active ingredient key is sensuality!

Color Recipe
of Harada
After the success of Yatamomo, Harada returns with a new miniseries, set in the world of fashion! Shoukichi is a designer with a difficult character, whose behaviour is serious is to suffer, however, first and foremost himself. The arrival in his studio of Fukusuke, a colleague from the character light and sarcastic, and starts to put in crisis the severity of Shoukichi... in a manner of all sudden and unexpected!

Bloom Into You (Yagate Kimi ni Naru)
of Nio Nakatani
Yuu need advice on how to refuse gracefully the attentions of the suitors. Who better to give advice to Nanami, the president of the student council, the girl with the strong character and elegant? Much to the surprise of Yuu, however, the next person to confess feelings for her will be... Nanami!

Kase-san and Morning Glories (Asagao to Kase-san.)
Hiromi Takashima
Here is a series of yuri so sweet, love it! The shy high school student Yui Yamada is desperately in love with the athletic and popular Tomoka Kase, but their history will be destined to blossom? A romantic and irresistible manga, all female, that will melt even the heart of the most hard!

My First Time – my lesbian experience with loneliness
of Kabi Nagata
Comes the manga event that has won awards in 2017! In this memoir autobiographical sincere, funny and touching, the author does not hesitate to talk about his battle with depression, the exploration of her sexuality and of the difficulties in finding their place in society.

The Mountains of Madness
Gou Tanabe
After the great success of The Mastiff, The Color Came from the Space and The Inhabitant of Dark, Gou Tanabe approaches with his adaptations manga the famous short novel by H. P. Lovecraft: a story that has influenced over the years, artists such as John Carpenter (The Thing) and Go Nagai (Devilman). The four volumes of this series follows the terrifying chronicle of a scientific expedition, hoping to uncover the secrets of the South Pole, you can find the traces of a civilization dating back to eons in the dark of the History of the Earth. An alien presence that populates the nightmares of humanity since before we had memory, and that, perhaps, is not yet extinct. Get ready to cringe, and not just for the frost in the antarctic, thanks to the King of cosmic horror!




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