ITunes is dead: Here's how to sync the iPhone with the Mac and how to make the Backup


Published on Jun 04, 2019


iTunes is dead: Here's how to sync the iPhone with the Mac and how to make the Backup

With a vein rather comical, during the Keynote yesterday, Apple announced the end of iTunes, which by now had become too full of features and too cumbersome to use. In replacement of iTunes have created a variety of different applications such as Music, Podcasts, and Apple TV.

Among the functions of iTunes, however, there was one that allowed users to sync the iPhone, do the backup and update or restore the firmware. As we will now perform these functions?

Nothing could be simpler. From now on, that is, starting from macOS Catalina and iOS 13, the iPhone will be recognized by the Mac as a sort of external hard drive. You know what happens when you connect a USB drive to the computer? It will be exactly the same thing for the iPhone.

Just connect it with a cable and find the icon within the left sidebar of any Finder window, under the tab “Locations”. We will also be able to “eject” the device with a click of the mouse.

Touching the name of our iPhone, and we'll show you a screen that is very familiar because it will be the same one in iTunes. Through this page we will be able to update your device, reset it, do the backup, sync, and much more.

We are facing a very first beta, but all this works already very well with the maximum fluidity and speed, which gives us a sense of “lightness” is really very pleasant compared to before.




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