Italycomics, updates on Back to the Future and new ads


Published on Mar 01, 2018


Through its page Facebook, the official publishing house Italycomics has made the point of the situation on the ongoing series and announced a new.

Let's see what awaits us in the next few months, directly from the words of the publisher:

“1) Frankenstein Alive, Alive! it will end with the number 4. Will contain the latest paintings made by Bernie Wrightson, before his death, and the story written by Steve Niles will be completed with the help art of Kelley Jones.

2) The first cycle of the Back to the Future will conclude with two volumes: Malatempora part 1 and 2. It is already planned a new series which will feature the Doc and his family.

3) We are proud to add the name of another great author to our catalog: Gabriel Rodriguez (artist of Locke & Key) and his creation, the Sword of Ages, there will be surprise in a new series, fantastic of which you see a small preview on the cover of this page.”

Source: IC

Italycomics, updates on Back to the Future and new ads is




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