Italy Yes: all the advances on the new talk of Marco Liorni


Published on Sep 12, 2018


Marco Liorni finally back on tv with her own new program: it will be called Italy Yes and will be aired every Saturday starting from September 15th, starting at 16.40. But what will it be about exactly this program? And as a regular guest you fregerà this transmission? Here is a brief summary of all the spoilers leaked about the new talk show on Saturday afternoon by Rai Uno.

Although there is only a handful of seconds to the airing of the first episode of Italy Yes, the leaked information until now on the program come only from rumor and advances not formalized by the Rai.

We know, for example, that in addition to the professionalissimo Marco Liorni, the cast will include three opinion: Rita From the Church, Mauro Coruzzi (aka Platinette) and the showgirl Elena Santarelli. According to the spot in a circle by a few hours, also, we find that the study of Italy Yes focus his attention on a podium place in the middle of the stage. From that podium, common people and famous people will come forth to shout to the audience of Rai Uno, requests for help, rashes or tell stories. A sort of Speakers’ Corner as the famous one that is located in Hyde Park in London.

Just about this podium, in the promo, Marco Liorni says: “Here it is! It is the place which I have prepared for you on Rai Uno. You had promised! Now step up to the podium, Rai One and tell all! You look”.

On the social drivers of Marco Liorni, you can find the contact details (email and telephone) to the drafting of Italy Yes, to try to take advantage of the podium of the program and scream to the whole nation the message: to request participation, simply send an email to [email protected] with all the details of your request or call 351 80 50 897.

A new adventure for Mark Liorni but a challenge Auditel really fought: the conductor will find it to be the counterpart to True, the talk show in the pink Channel Five and already from the first episode provides guests the most prestigious of the likes of Irina Shayk and Albano Carrisi.

Italy Yes – Rai1

Step up to the podium of the #Rai1 and tell everyone! Marco Liorni will take place on Saturday 15 September with the first episode of #ItaliaSì 📣🇮🇹

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