Italy 2, the cartoons of the early evening on arrival


Published on Mar 14, 2019


The page Facebook official Milk Cartons, Italia 1, Mediaset announces that from Monday 18 March 2019 on the network Italia 2, channel 66 on the digital terrestrial platform, will start a band in the early evening container of cartoons.

From 18:30 will be scheduled two episodes of Mila and Shiro – two hearts in volleyball, two of The Adventures of Lupin III and two of One Piece (from episode 130):

18:25 – 18:50
Mila and Shiro, two hearts in volleyball
S1 Ep1 A new school mate
The small Thousand he moved to Tokyo. Here he met new classmates, who are struck by his great skill in the game of volleyball.

18:50 – 19:15
Mila and Shiro, two hearts in volleyball
S1 Ep2 The prince
Mila knows Shiro Takiki, the captain of the men's team of volleyball, which embodies the guy of her dreams.

19:15 – 19:45
The adventures of Lupin III
S1 Ep27 the monster in The lake
A man who had been bitten in the leg by Nessie, the monster of Lockness, tries to capture the strange animal to make it a freak show

19:45 – 20:10
The adventures of Lupin III
S1 Ep28 How to transport gold bullion
Lupin steals a consignment of gold bullion from a swiss bank, using sophisticated techniques to evade the alarm systems. But it is a trap.

20:10 – 20:40
All boarding! One piece
Nico Robin is the seventh
Nami, Rubber, Usopp, Chopper, Luffy and Zoro are back in the sea, leaving Bibi, which will have to rebuild Guidelines.

20:40 – 21:05
All boarding! One piece
The history of the Rumble Balls
The crew is sailing toward an island where the young pirates decide to land on patrol.

Italy 2, the cartoons of the early evening in the arrival of




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