Italy 1 the anime series coming in April 2020


Published on Mar 30, 2020


Kiss Me Licia, on the air since last March 25, 2020 to the interior of the container in the morning and Milk Cartons will not be the only new Italy 1 on the front of the animated series.

With regards to programming in the morning daily from the 8th of April 2020 Magical Magical Emi (38 episodes) will take the place of Pollyanna at 7:05, while, from the April 15, 2020, The Island of the Little Flo (50 episodes) will replace Cotton bolls for Jeanie at 7:30.

Continues Memole Dolce Memole at 6:35, that opens the playlist and Milk Cartons.

With regard to the planning of the weekend, however, by the next April 11, 2020, There was a time Pollon (46 episodes) will be broadcasted at the end of A Sword to Lady Oscar, at the rate of two episodes a week every Saturday, from 8:00 am.

Continues Cat's Eyes, with the 37 episodes of the second series aired every Saturday at 8:50.

We also remind you that Italy 2 every Wednesday in the early evening offers a special of Lupin III and that on a daily basis and transmits the replicas of the episodes of the anime series as popular as What's My Destiny Dragon Ball, One Piece – All Boarding! and That Champions Holly and Benji.


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