Italian language: at the university too many errors. Faithful: “we Intervene in the middle schools”

Published on Feb 06, 2017

Are the averages of the Achille's heel of the Italian school system, and the minister of Education, Valeria fedeli is determined to intervene to prevent the University to come to still young people without an adequate knowledge of the Italian language and with serious weaknesses in syntax and grammar. “It is the medium that we must develop the reading, writing, summary skills,” said the minister in an interview with the Republic in the aftermath of the letter sent to the holder of the ministry, signed by 600 academics. Italian language: at the university too many errors. Faithful: “we Intervene in the middle schools”. According to the teachers, who accuse the policy of laxity, too many college students make “errors of grammar, syntax and vocabulary just tolerable in the third grade”. The government of the school system does not respond properly – writing lecturers in the document ‘Able to read and write: a proposal against the decline of the Italian school – that's why the theme of the correctness spelling and grammar has long been devalued on the teaching plan, more or less, by all the governments. There are some important initiatives aimed at the training of teachers, but I do not see a political will, adequate to the gravity of the problem”. Newspapers in the classroom, and books out-of-school, the revolution looks to De Mauro. “I will meet within a short time, the promoters of the collection of six hundred signatures, I will hear from them what are the points of crisis. I give fifteen days time, then will start the first public notice for the basic skills,” said the holder of the ministry of education, explaining that the new change will be the central figure of Tullio De Mauro. “He was in the ’80s to make me understand the need of a good Italian and its spread to the correct and widespread among young people. Still in 2013, De Mauro has highlighted the delays compared to the eu average. With the ministry of cultural Heritage, and to this end we will organise a promotion of the reading of the books-of-school, with the Federation of the printing, we will bring the newspapers in classes.” The times, according to the Faithful, can be very short: “We have two delegations opened in Parliament, the system of evaluation and recruitment. If we are quick we can make improvements for mid-march”. As to the Good School, for the minister there are many things well-set even if they need some improvements. The first of which is scheduled for may: “we'll do a european conference on adolescence and, in any case, we work to have all the teachers needed in the classroom in September”. The recipe of the teachers: dictation, summaries, and spelling. For university teachers, suggest some lines of action: a review of the national guidelines, which “gives great importance to the acquisition of basic skills, which are fundamental to all disciplines”, which should contain the “interim targets are essential to achieve and the most important types of exercises”the introduction of “checks national periodic” during the eight years of the first cycle: dictation, spelling, summarizing, comprehension of the text, knowledge of vocabulary, grammatical analysis, and cursive writing hand. “It would be useful to – affirm – with the participation of teachers of middle and high school, respectively, to verify the output from the primary and the examination of the third, also to stimulate on these themes, the professional comparison between teachers of the various orders of school.” The teachers say they are “convinced that the introduction of moments of serious verification, the school is an indispensable condition for the acquisition and consolidation of basic skills. These moments would be for the students an incentive to do their best and an opportunity to get used to face of the evidence, without dramatizing them, while teachers would finally clear objectives which are common to all schools that complete a significant part of their work”. (AGI)

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