It's QB time, the best and worst quarterback of week 1


Published on Sep 11, 2019


After a long hiatus, the weekly column that illustrates the best and worst quarterback of the week is back. It was a start of a season full of surprises, with the amazing Dak Prescott and Lamar Jackson lead the group of the best.

Quarterback of the week
Dak Prescott, the Dallas Cowboys (25-32, 405 yds, 4 TD, 0 INT)

The former star of Mississippi State, increasingly close to signing a new and big contract, he led his Cowboys to a crushing victory against the Giants. The true key to the interpretation of this performance, the dominant is represented by Kellen Moore, the new offensive coordinator of the franchise to texas. Moore has directed the maneuvers are offensive to Dallas in a masterly way, making best use of the features of Michael Gallup, Amari Cooper and Randall Cobb. However, it will be interesting to follow what changes you will bring to the attack the new OC already from the next game, when Ezekiel Elliott will not be below the snap count and will become the workhorse of which the Cowboys have always been accustomed to. Prescott has finished his performance with a rating of perfect 158.3 points and 4 touchdown passes directed, respectively, to tight end Blake Jarwin and Jason Witten and then to the receivers Randall Cobb and Amari Cooper. Another big surprise of the day was sophomore Michael Gallup, author of 7 receptions and 158 yards, which could be an excellent starting point for a season from the breakout already predicted by many in the course of Training Camp. The New York Giants have not opposed the particular resistance, the confusion, the defensive of the “Men in Blue” has paved the way for a prolific performance in the offensive part of Dallas. After a start with the flakes, the Cowboys will fly to Washington for another challenge divisional, with the aim of repeating everything good they put in the show in the first game.

Lamar Jackson, Baltimore Ravens (17-20, 324 yds, 5 TD, 0 INT)

Although produced against a team completely in disarray, the performance of Lamar Jackson was basically surreal. The quarterback of the Ravens seems to have made radical improvements in the course of the offseason and in the first game of this season and has raced only 3 times, to the detriment of 9.2 average per game last year. Jackson was one of the players most criticized of the past season because of his inefficiency in the passing game, but the product of Louisville has right now shown the fruits of the workouts, achieving a rating of 158.3. In addition to Boykin, Ricard and the veteran Snead, all authors of a touchdown, it is important to highlight the performance of rookie Marquise “Hollywood” Brown, a profile that is described by many as a possible heir to Tyreek Hill. Brown, in fact, is distinguished for a rate highly above the average and in just 12 snap has made 4 receptions, 147 yards and 2 TD, including one from 47 yards and one from 87. Thanks to the 59 points inflicted on the Dolphins, the Ravens have established a new franchise record and saw the huge advantage of Baltimore could even afford to rest Lamar Jackson to leave room for Robert Griffin III, whom he immediately put to report a touchdown to tight end Mark Andrews. A new record was also established by Jackson, the 22-year-old, in fact, has become the youngest QB in history to achieve a rating of perfect. Worth mentioning is also the impact of the new arrival Mark Ingram, the former Heisman was noted for the great dynamism given to the running game. If the attack of the Ravens continued to turn to these verses, we will see the beautiful. In the meantime, next week there will be a test of very important, in Maryland, in fact, landed the Arizona Cardinals.

Patrick Mahomes, the Kansas City Chiefs (25-33, 378 yds, 3 TD, 0 INT)

The MVP in charge has taken up exactly where he left off last year. For the Chiefs, it was not a easy game, the team led by Andy Reid has lost Tyreek Hill for a shoulder injury and the entire bench is left with bated breath when Mahomes fell to the ground with an ankle smashed in the course of the second quarter. The blow, however, proved to be irrelevant, and the quarterback has not skipped even one snap. All three touchdowns of the day are ended in the hands of veteran Sammy Watkins, the receiver that is put on display with 9 receptions, 198 yards and 3 touchdowns, performance is absolutely amazing on the part of the former player of the Bills, and Rams. The receiver opened the dance with a beautiful touchdown from 68 yards caused by an error in Jalen Ramsey, and later Kansas City was able to control the match without too many problems. The injury to Nick Foles has certainly made a change of plans with the Jaguars, but his replacement Gardner Minshew has not disfigured. Mahomes has found as usual in Travis Kelce a target reliable and once the lead has taken advantage of the efficiency of LeSean McCoy and Damien Williams to give life to a vibrant running game. With the Hill to the box will be the rookie Mecole Hardman to carve out a significant role in the attack and in week 2 the Chiefs will fly to California to face the Raiders in what should be on paper a matchup not prohibitive.

Tom Brady, New England Patriots (24-36, 341 yds, 3 TD, 0 INT)

Even without the new arrival Antonio Brown, the reigning champions have opened the season with a dominant 33-3 dealt to the Steelers between the walls of friends. Brady and friends put together a show taking advantage of the situation confusing at Pittsburgh, the franchise was completely lost from the point of view offensive. Due to Sony Michel evidently undertone (14 yards on 15 courses), the maneuvers of the most dangerous are passed from the hands of Tom Brady, who has fished for well two times Philip Dorsett in the endzone, and then churn out a touchdown pass for Josh Gordon. Julian Edelman has been the protagonist of an excellent performance in the slot (6 receptions and 83 yards) and have been involved a lot in the passing game with the two running back Rex Burkhead and James White. The dilemma more interesting, however, concerns the role of Antonio Brown, who will have to find a way to fit into the toe of the feet in a system that is already well run and efficient. Very probably, the former player of the Raiders will be subjected to a snap count in the course of the next game, but the Patriots will be facing away, the Dolphins, a team that has proved anything but dangerous in week 1.

Marcus Mariota, the Tennessee Titans (14-24, 248 yds, 3 TD, 0 INT)

The former Heisman drove his Titans in what was probably the upset largest of the day, the 43 to 13 that Tennessee has dealt to Cleveland. Many merits are given to the department of defence, the defence of the Titans is, in fact, been able to put under pressure throughout the game Baker Mayfield, who has finished with 3 interceptions, results decisive for the attack of the franchise in Nashville. The protagonists of the day in the house as the Titans have been several: Derrick Henry proved to be a key weapon for Mike Vrabel, the workhorse, in fact, has totaled 84 yards and a touchdown on 19 carried, numbers, topped by a destination on receipt by 75 yards after receiving a screen pass from Marcus Mariota. The former QB of Oregon also gave us two touchdown passes to veteran Delanie Walker, tight end very reliable to return from injury. Worth mentioning is also the significant debut of A. J. Brown, a rookie who was put on display with 3 receptions and 100 yards. At home Tennessee everything is worked to perfection, and the Titans will try to repeat this performance in week 2 against the Colts.

The worst of the week
Cam Newton, Carolina Panthers (25-38, 239 yds, 0 TD, 1 INT)

The return of Newton after the shoulder surgery which he underwent in the final of last season was not the best. Newton is a result of a severely low after the match in which the Rams have taken Charlotte. The attack of the Panthers has been represented in everything from Christian McCaffrey, the author of over 200 yards and 2 touchdowns with 29 touches of the assets. Newton was not a factor nor in the passing game nor the running game (-2 yards in 3 runs to what was once the QB with the most dynamic of the league). At the same time it is necessary to underline the fact that the defense of the Rams is one of the best in the NFL, but having to rely on McCaffrey for more than 25 times in each game would make the attack of Carolina one-dimensional and predictable. It certainly won't be a game of compromise an entire season, Newton will have to try to change things quickly from the next Thursday Night, match in which will be essential to build around the ductility of the two receivers D. J. Moore and Curtis Samuel.

Mitchell Trubisky, Chicago Bears (26-45, 228 yds, 0 TD, 1 INT)

The game that started the season number 100 of the NFL was dominated by the defenses, the Bears however were able to score only 3 points at Soldier Field against the Green Bay Packers




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