It makes sense to update their iPhone with a new-generation device?


Published on Sep 14, 2018


the iPhone XS, XS Max and XR were presented only two days ago, and already, in a few minutes it will be possible to proceed to the pre-order of the shiny new devices targati Cupertino. Like every year, but always comes back in fashion the fateful question; it makes sense to update your current device with one of the latest generation?

Last year, the big news was, without a doubt, iPhone X, which has brought a breath of fresh air in the line-up of Apple introducing finally a display without a frame, the new release with 3D recognition of the face and also user experience is renewed with the disappearance of the Home button and the introduction of multiple gestures.

The new iPhone XS, XS Max and XR are basically to return to what introduced last year with iPhone X, by introducing the usual best hardware typical of the series S. No sensitive innovations in terms of functions, and this aspect is certainly the one on which you need to think carefully in the event you already have an iPhone and you are attracted by the idea to put hand to the portfolio to update your device.

iOS 12 has certainly helped to give new life to older devices, but there is no doubt that the hardware limitations of a product that is less than the withdrawing party could still be heard. But then what are the iPhone for what it may be worth investing in an upgrade? Let us find out together.

It is the flagship of the previous generation, equipped with the best technology proposed by Apple a year ago. It's definitely the device that currently requires less than all of an upgrade, unless you are attracted by the large display introduced by the iPhone XS Max. We believe, therefore, that owners of the iPhone X, can safely wait at least another year, enjoying a product of the avant-garde and performance without a doubt high.

iPhone 8 and 8 Plus are devices that still have high performance. They share the same chip A11 Bionic installed on your iPhone X and is different from it for the user experience (still anchored to the Home button and then unlocking via Touch ID), a display with frames much more pronounced, and with LCD technology (unlike the OLED technology of the iPhone X) and the camera, on the iPhone 8, has only one sensor with all the restrictions of the case. Update hence your device with one of the latest generation can prove to be a sensible choice in the moment to want to experience a smartphone with a display that is more modern and user experience is different. If your concerns are the performance, you can rest easy because 8 and 8 Plus still enjoy performance very important.

Issue over the past two years, the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus enjoy, however, performance is not yet fully sufficient. Clearly the chip A12 Bionic is a completely different thing compared to the older A10 Fusion, however, for most users, the performance may still be fully sufficient to perform their daily operations. Also for this model apply substantially the same principles of 8 and 8 Plus with more attention, however, performance on the new device 2018 will probably be more important than range 7 and 7 Plus.

We felt that we were to group all these devices into a single category. Except of course for the phones prior to the 5S, now out of support of Apple software, to update these devices can be certainly a good idea for the same substantive reasons as before. The new user interface, Face ID, display borderless and, of course, much greater performance. Some of you will still be able to be satisfied by the combination of these products with iOS 12, and its many improvements in terms of optimization, however, it is beyond doubt that the products prior to 2016 are certainly ideal candidates for an upgrade that would bring a great breath of fresh air.

What is the device more suitable to buy, of course, is difficult to establish. It all depends on your needs in terms of size and technology of display, performance or camera. Those who do not need extremely high performance and are not interested in a high-end camera can easily focus on a device between the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus because of their price outside of the official channels of Apple. iPhone XR may be a good solution for those who wish to enjoy high performance but are not interested in the high-end camera or to the OLED display of XS, and XS Max, which are, of course, the best choices for those who do not want any kind of compromise and want the best.

A solution, however interesting it may be to purchase an iPhone X from retailers, third parties, having regard to the safe depreciation in relation to the great performance that is still able to provide. What will be your choice? Please let us know in the comments.

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