It does touch on the genitals by the passer-by. Arrested the artist Milo Moiré

Published on Jun 23, 2016

You can put a practical limit to art? And again, what are the criteria to define a work or a performance of true art? These are questions to which every period gives its own response, mostly conventional, while artists, or those alleged to be such is to the detriment of continually question the values and concepts established. Milo Moiré, a young artist from switzerland, has always put in the game personally, and indeed bodily. His performances, in reality, are not very original. Body Art and performance and for the more daring, for example, Marina Abramovic's go back more than 40 years ago.

However, in her small Milo Moiré continues to work on the body and on sexuality. And he does it with a good dose of audacity and boldness, not without, apparently, the appreciation of the public, as we see in this video of the performance the Mirror Box. A public that is mostly male that could not resist the temptation of palparrle the tits, and the most intimate parts even in the square.

Milo Moiré has then spent 24 hours in jail and had to pay a hefty fine. While the full video of his performance, which you can purchase here at only 7,99 euro.


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