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Published on Sep 29, 2018


Here we are with a new appointment of iSpazio LastMinute, our section where we list the best applications in the AppStore that are discounted for a limited period of time. It is possible that in the course of the day are added new titles to where click here and download iSpazio Push App to follow the evolution of the article.


The Circus-Lost (Full)Andriy PertsovVecchio Prezzo2.99 €1,09 € What is the limit between dream and reality? You should ask Joy a young man whose dreams are occupied by the blurred images of a mysterious circus, Joy every night, wake up with the terrible feeling that there is something wrong. Solve puzzles, play mini-games curious and he collects particular objects in a mysterious search for answers. CategoriaGiochiVersione2.1SviluppatoreAndriy PertsovDispositivoiPhone and iPad

Sketch Fan Pro - My Art Padguangxie chenVecchio Prezzo8.99 €6,99 € An application design mobile apps created specifically for all the creative. Over 80 brushes, brushes, watercolor, and tools for smudging, and advanced levels. What other aspects download and free your imagination. CategoriaFoto and videoVersione1.0Sviluppatoreguangxie chenDispositivoiPhone and iPad

Scurvy ScallywagsBeep Games, Inc.Old Prezzo0.99 €Free 3-match-game musical full of pirates, ships and gold. The game is quite simple you have to move your pirate around the board by matching 3 or more tiles. Collect the treasure while visiting the mysterious island of the jungle and other unique location to reassemble a legendary loot. Fight with pirates and monsters, bad guys and use special skills to dodge enemies, collect extra gold or to win epic battles. CategoriaGiochiVersione1.1.0 SviluppatoreBeep Games, Inc.DispositivoiPhone and iPad

Moonlight ExpressDamir StuhecVecchio Prezzo1.99 €1,09 € Skyscraper City is the setting for this game one touch exciting, challenging and strategically challenging. Moonlight Express is a nice game in vertical scroll, beautifully detailed. CategoriaGiochiVersione1.4.2 SviluppatoreDamir StuhecDispositivoiPhone and iPad

Spending Log ProMoneybudgie LtdVecchio Prezzo4.99 €3,49 € do you Want to know how much you're spending to eat out, to make gasoline or for the expense, and perhaps be able to know every month? “Spending Log” is the application that records your income and expenses so you can keep track of your expenses. An application simple and useful for easy analysis of the costs that you face each month. CategoriaFinanzaVersione4.34SviluppatoreMoneyBudgieDispositivoiphone and iPad

AquaviasIllia KorolkovVecchio Prezzo1.99 €Free Prevent drought in your land in this fun puzzle game. If you pass all the obstacles and deliver water to the buildings, the city will survive. CategoriaGiochiVersione1.0.3 SviluppatoreIllia KorolkovDispositivoiPhone and iPad

IncidenceEFRA BILISIM SANAYI VE TICARET LIMITED SIRKETIVecchio Prezzo1.99 €0,49 € Puzzle game minimal interesting in which you will have to angle carefully your shots to reach the goal and advance to the next level. Each of the 150 levels must be completed in four shots, each shot bouncing six times, then you need a calculation and a schedule really precise in order to succeed. What aspects of the app is half price for a short time! CategoriaGiochiVersione1.1SviluppatoreScrollView GamesDispositivoiPhone and iPad

Fluid SELuke SchneiderVecchio Prezzo2.99 €1,09 € 40 levels filled with obstacles, power ups to collect and dots as in “PacMan” in this strange racing game. Each point generates a spectrum that seeks after us, while the powerups give us an extra boost. Our aim will be to finish the levels as fast as you can and be rewarded with a maximum of 5 stars. CategoriaGiochiVersione1.05SviluppatoreRadiangamesDispositivoiphone and iPad

Temple of Spikes: The LegendAleksandr FilatovVecchio Prezzo5.99 €4,49 € more Than 50 hours of game play, a mode speedrunner and unique environments for this platform. 25 characters with unique abilities, boss battles ruthless well 30 levels to tackle in the depths of the ancient temple they're exploring, deadly traps, dark labyrinths and beasts hungry! CategoriaGiochiVersione1.0.2 SviluppatoreAleksandr FilatovDispositivoiPhone and iPad

OsmosHemisphere Games IncVecchio Prezzo2.99 €1,09 € A game in which divremo ensure the survival of a particle overcoming the various levels scattered from the daily snares that can meet a newly-formed molecule of oxygen in the immense space. We will have to feed us, eating small molecules, and by increasing our size to become giant and being able to eat anything, no more obstacles. CategoriaGiochiVersione2.4.2 SviluppatoreHemisphere GamesDispositivoiPhone and iPad

iSpazioFabiano ConfuortoVecchio Prezzo0.00 €Free Note: Being “offered to take the flight”, the prices listed in the article are true in the moment in which it is written, but it is possible that during the day, or after a few minutes, these change applications and come back to payment. We recommend you to download iSpazio Push App from the AppStore in such a way to be notified via a push notification as soon as we publish our last-minute newspapers.CategoriaNewsVersione3.1.3 SviluppatoreFabiano ConfuortoDispositivoiPhone and iPad

Let us know what have been downloaded in such a way to be able to take a starting point for a more complete review and accurate.

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