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Published on May 16, 2018


Here we are with a new appointment of iSpazio LastMinute, our section where we list the best applications in the AppStore that are discounted for a limited period of time. It is possible that in the course of the day are added new titles to where click here and download iSpazio Push App to follow the evolution of the article.


FINAL FANTASY DIMENSIONS IISQUARE ENIX Co., Ltd.Old Prezzo14.99 €10,99 € For all lovers and avid fans of “Final Fantasy” this latest episode reconfirms the ones that are the fundamental elements of all the games in the series but adds a more contemporary feel to the role-playing game. The story carries the player through time, between past and future, to save the world. Interesting characters, a system command is active for the combat simple and strategic, huge maps and a lot more to discover! CategoriaGiochiVersione1.0.3 SviluppatoreSQUARE ENIX INCDispositivoiPhone and iPad

Sparkle 210tons Ltd.Old Prezzo6.99 €1,09 € Action puzzle game with beautiful environments in this well-designed sequel to the eponymous game. A beautiful story, wonderful graphics and an amazing soundtrack. The game is not too challenging and fun! CategoriaGiochiVersione1.1.1Sviluppatore10tons LtdDispositivoiPhone and iPad

Time Recoil10tons Ltd.Old Prezzo5.99 €3,49 € A shooter top-down that offers you the possibility to choose between the innovative touch controls on a stick, single or the controller MFi. A game full of action, explosions, destructible environments, fighting only with weapons in slow motion, two game modes: “story” with its 50 levels of hand-created, and “Time Attack”, with leaderboards and challenges to the star. CategoriaGiochiVersione1.0.3Sviluppatore10tons LtdDispositivoiPhone and iPad

Twilight Phenomena: The Incredible Show - A Magical Hidden Object Game (Full)Big Fish Games, IncVecchio Prezzo2.99 €1,09 € After visiting the Strauss Circus, your sister is kidnapped by the evil mage, then it's up to you to find Jo and save her from his powerful grip. Play through scenes, interactive hidden objects, and get the tools that will help you to free the animals enslaved in this awful circus. CategoriaGiochiVersione1.0.2 SviluppatoreBig Fish Games, IncDispositivoiPhone and iPad

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Dual DestiniesCAPCOM Co., LtdVecchio Prezzo1.99 €1,09 € The first in a series of interesting games imported by Nintendo, is A small masterpiece for those who love the genre. Become a lawyer and solve the case. The life of your customer is in your hands! CategoriaGiochiVersione1.00.06 SviluppatoreCAPCOM Co., LtdDispositivoiPhone and iPad

Ace Attorney Spirit of JusticeCAPCOM Co., LtdVecchio Prezzo1.99 €1,09 € This is another chapter full of new mysteries, court battles and quirky characters. Explore crime scenes in 3D to find clues and talk with witnesses to find the information which can be useful in court. CategoriaGiochiVersione1.00.01 SviluppatoreCAPCOM Co., LtdDispositivoiPhone and iPad

Apollo Justice Ace Attorney HDCAPCOM Co., LtdVecchio Prezzo1.99 €1,09 € In the shoes of the young attorney, Apollo Justice visits crime scenes, questions key witnesses and collect irrefutable evidence before entering the courtroom to prove the innocence of your clients. CategoriaGiochiVersione1.00.01 SviluppatoreCAPCOM Co., LtdDispositivoiPhone and iPad

Kingdom BuilderQueen Games GmbHVecchio Prezzo4.99 €3,49 € A strategy game with 3 difficulty levels, play against the AI, in local with your friends, on one device or online with players all over the world. The aim of the game is to get the locations best for a higher throughput and attempt to exploit the more profitable tasks that they opponents. CategoriaGiochiVersione3.2SviluppatoreQueen GamesDispositivoiPhone and iPad

The Blocky RoadsDogbyte Games Kft.Old Prezzo1.99 €0,49 € Going around on your car for the green hills, snowy mountains and desert dunes you will need to collect the pieces scattered everywhere on the farm was destroyed by the tornado to be able to rebuild. You will have the possibility to choose between 9 different cars, and apply a series of upgrades and modifications to make your vehicle block by block. CategoriaGiochiVersione1.2.4 SviluppatoreDogbyte Games Kft.DispositivoiPhone and iPad

Treasure Seekers: Visions of Gold (Full)G5 Entertainment ABVecchio Prezzo4.99 €3,49 € Help the young Nelly to find her little brother disappeared, reveals family secrets and face breathtaking adventure! The mysterious disappearance of the brother of Nelly, a map to an ancient treasure, a grandmother, a pirate, elements of a game so addictive and quite intriguing, we are all just missing you! CategoriaGiochiVersione1.9SviluppatoreG5 Entertainment ABDispositivoiPhone and iPad

SleepasaurusAlain HufkensVecchio Prezzo1.99 €0,99 € Do I get the children to bed has never been too easy but it sure is difficult to us to remain until morning, this simple and useful application that aims at this goal. Thanks to the friendly dinosaurs children will learn to stay in bed until the morning. And’ possible to set the time for the awakening and the music for addormentarli or to get them to wake up in a pleasant way. Try it! CategoriaStili and tendenzeVersione1.1.7 SviluppatoreWee TapsDispositivoiPhone and iPad

ColorcubeNext Apps BVBAVecchio Prezzo3.99 €2,29 € A very nice puzzle game that is minimalist with well over 250 levels of fun and relaxing in which we'll have to turn the tiles and match the colors between them. A game drawn entirely by hand, as well as some color blind thanks to the useful schemes of coloration alternative. CategoriaGiochiVersione1.3SviluppatoreNext Apps BVBADispositivoiPhone and iPad

Wee SubsAlain HufkensVecchio Prezzo2.99 €0,99€, A fun and challenging game for children between 2 and 6 years old. Their mission is to build a small submarine and dive to collect the fish and treasures, taking care to avoid the land mines, explosive




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